Israeli military assault in Gaza: Were Israeli strikes proportional to the Hamas attacks?

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  • No, not really...

    But is that really a bad thing? I don't think so.

    I'm not going to say im pro or anti Israel (im neither, it's complicated) but if someone jumps me with their buddies one day, then I jump them with my buddies in retaliation the next, I'm not going to say "okay guys thats enough, they only kicked me 30 times each so we'll stop here and call it a day." No, instead I'm going to say "He kicked me until his leg got tired, let's do the same to him."

    If Israels leg doesn't get tired as fast (metaphorically speaking) is that really a bad thing?

  • No, they never are

    Israel bullies the Palestinians constantly because it knows us Americans will green light anything it does and tell them how great they are. They aren't held accountable for any of their excessive acts of violence. Hamas aren't exactly a group of wonderful individuals either, but virtually every attack them carry out they get stomped on five times as hard because Israel genuinely enjoys doing it.

  • No, the Israeli strikes were not proportional to the Hamas attacks.

    Whenever there is a Hamas attack, the Israeli army always retaliates with a much larger strike, more often than not killing innocent civilians then their intended targets, the Hamas. It is a difficult situation because there must be some sort of retaliation, but military strikes against such a small target are generally ineffective.

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