Israeli Military Increases Rocket Strikes: Is violence the answer to Israel's problems?

  • Israel HAS to defend its right and is allowed to exercise their right

    I do agree with you, Israel has its right to do so by attacking, i do think that it is terrible and not right to kill innocent people like women and children, but the only other way to defend is with weapons.... I think that Israel has its right to shoot their guns n stuff.... Nuff said

  • Israel reacts harshly and swiftly

    Israel answered the repeated attacks by The Palestinians in the only way they could, missiles strikes to the Gaza strip. The Israeli's had no other choice after rockets were fire at Tel Aviv and Jerusalem from Hamas.Military force is well within their rights to secure the right to remain an existing free state.

  • No, but is for the Palestinians ;)

    The muajhideen of Palestine must keep fighting to reclaim all of Palestine from the Zionists pigs, the invaders and occupiers of al-Quds and Masjid al-Aqsa. The mujahideen should slaughter everyone of those pigs, it may sound harsh but in reality as long as Israel exists there will never be peace. They are the aggressor, they are the terrorists and its about time they are dealt with, no more peace talks, complete annihalation of Israel is the only true solution. If another 'peace deal' is negotiated this will all just happen again because the Zionists get a little bit worked up.

  • Peace Talks Should be Continued in Israel

    Tensions are high and the history of this area is volatile. However, continued violence is not the answer. With such opposing views, and violence will be met with more violence from the other parties involved, and all out war could quickly become a reality. Peace talks should be continued until a mutually agreed upon decision is reached.

  • Israel is just wrong

    I think that it's time for the world to put a stop on this crime, this act of coward genocide that Israel is perpetrating in Gaza. How long should we expect that they (the violent jews) will be charging us for the bills of the holocaust? This is just not fair.

  • No, violence never gets anyone anywhere

    Violent attacks just lead to retribution, which leads to retribution against the retribution, and retribution against that retribution, and so on and so forth forever. The answer to the problems is peaceful negotiations where both sides come to the table willing to come up with a solution. Until that happens, peace will be out of reach.

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