Israeli raid on Gaza flotilla: Was the raid a good move for Israel's image?

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  • They should not done that

    Israel could have arguably handled that situation a little less aggressively and because they did not they made themselves a spectacle so that should not be considered a good move but people learn from their mistakes. Maybe it makes Israel look as if they may have provoked the situation just a tad.

  • There's more to life than good PR

    Israel's goals for self-preservation are not done in service of creating a good image; it's intended for the safety and protection of its people. The raid did turn up a substantial quantity of weapons in addition to seemingly innocuous construction materials that terrorists have been using to create weapons as well. Militants from the Gaza Strip are constantly attacking Israel, and Israel cannot simply shrug its shoulders and blow off this sort of thing as if it is a completely acceptable regional pastime on their part.

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