Israeli surprised to learn he owes US taxes: Is the US correct in requiring all citizens to pay taxes regardless of where they live?

  • Yes, American citizens should pay taxes even if they live abroad.

    If a United States citizen is currently living in another country, they should still be required to pay taxes. This seems like a much smaller deal than corporations which were started in this country but change addresses to avoid paying taxes. These companies should be forced to pay taxes because they benefited by America's infrastructure.

  • Only because you sill get something

    The US gives a really cool benefit to any US citizen in another country. You can go to any US Embassy office and get all your records. You can also get a free passport and flight home. While you wait for your flight they will give you free hotel room, food, and toilettrees. They will also give you cash to pay for the food you need to get home. They also will let you call the US as much as you would like during that time. My uncle lives in Ireland. They flew him to California twice due to a death in the family. Both times he figured he rack up about 8k. With out this taxing they could not do this for you.

  • Helping Keep US Afloat

    The bottom line is all US citizens are required to pay their fair share of taxes. US citizens, living anywhere, should be required to pay taxes because they are still US citizens. Many individuals think of taxes as a necessary evil. The intention behind taxes is to hopefully fund the US while keeping it out of debt.

  • Citizen privileges extend beyond geographic location

    Being a citizen guarantees the right to vote, run for public office, and work for minimum wage. It is the ability to work and live in the us without fear of deportation. It guarantees one all of the rights set forth by the constitution, and the protection of the armed forces, should the need arise. All of these benefits are there, even if we choose not to exercise them, and it is every citizens obligation to pay their fair share in exchange for those guarantees.

  • No, that is wrong

    If you do not live in the United States then you do not benefit from the privileges that come with the United States Constitution, as its authority only extends to the United States and its territories. If you live in another country, you benefit/suffer from the Constitution and Government of whatever nation you are residing in, and they're the ones that your taxes should be paid to. That is, it's unfair to make you pay into the system whenever you're not benefiting from it.

  • No taxes should be payed if you live outside US!!..

    No taxes should be payed if you live outside US!!.. Simple as that.. All this "taxes" thing is a scam from IRS that's forcing the government on taking more money from ppl living here... US will not go to far with all there changes, because most of changes and new laws are against freedom and a good living life.. US looks more and more like Nazy Germany or Russia..( communist party)

  • Depends on why

    Did he work in the United States? Because if so then yes, he should pay taxes here. If he was a citizen and moved away and made his money elsewhere, then no he really shouldn't. I would need more information to make a correct and right decision on this topic.

  • No, taxes should not be imposed on non-residents.

    If a citizen of the US is not residing in the country, they should not be required to pay taxes. Income and property taxes should be determined by country of employment/residence, not based solely on citizenship. Any person who does not live or own property in the US should not be required to pay taxes to the US government.

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