Israeli who burned Palestinian teenager alive in 2014 found to be sane as opposed to insane as claimed: Should he now be put to death?

  • Yes, if the court rules as such

    The court should now take into account the new information from a mental health professional, the psychiatrist. Whether or not it recommends a death sentence is up to the law professionals. Stronger penalties for race-motivated hate crimes and murders, especially when the victims are minors, also help strengthen the message that the world no longer tolerates racism.

  • Yes, the Israeli who burned a Palestinian teenager should be put to death.

    The Israel who burned the Palestinian teenager should be put to death because his crime is incredibly heinous. This particular individual showed that he has no conscious when he made the decision to burn another human being alive. Since he was found to be sane, this means that he was fully aware of his actions and consequences.

  • Prejudice influenced murderer

    Anyone who acted as despicably as to burn a teenager alive should be put to death. There has been extreme strife in the area influenced by racism towards Palestinians for decades. Disgusting actions such as this should not be tolerated. That cretin should be burned alive as well so he can see what it's like.

  • No, the death penalty is ineffective, cruel and inhumane.

    Modern criminal justice has advanced beyond the "eye for an eye" philosophy behind the death penalty. The death penalty has been proven to not dissuade criminals from acts of violence, and also emotionally traumatizes those assigned to carry out executions. Additionally, determinations of "sanity" and "insanity" can be fluid and arbitrary. Life in prison is a better punishment for this offender. Executions are state-sanctioned murder and have no place in modern civil society.

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