Israel's Growing Tech Production: Will they surpass China in electronics production?

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  • No, Israel does not have the resources to surpass China's production.

    Israel's tech boom has indeed made them a leader in technology development. Investors worldwide are pouring money into this no-longer-emerging market. In terms of raw resources, however, they are far behind China. And in terms of human resources, there is simply no way a nation of slightly more than eight million people, with a strong shekel driving moderately-high wages, can compete with the 1.35-billion strong population in a nation where well-educated people work for very low salaries.

  • China is too big.

    No, Israel will not surpass China in electronics productions, because China is just too big of a country with far too many resources. Israel is small. Israel does a great job with the things that it does, but they do not have the manpower that China does. It is amazing what you can do with an unlimited supply of virtually slave labor.

  • No, China is too far ahead.

    Israel will not surpass China in tech production mainly due to the differences in population and resources. Although Israel has contributed greatly to development of technology and engineering, it does not have the wealth and workforce necessary to surpass asian countries such as China which produce the majority of the worlds technology.

  • They don't have the workers.

    To be completely honest one of the reasons that China has taken over so much of the electronics productions is because of their huge population that is willing to work for such low wages. The people of the world would rather have disposable than quality and unless that changes China will remain on the top of the electronics heap.

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