IT aide to the Clintons still won't reveal his work related to the infamous email server: does this mystery make Hillary look untrustworthy?

  • Yes, Hilary is untrustworthy.

    Yes, Hilary looks untrustworthy when the IT aide assigned to work on her email server refuses to reveal any information about the server. If there isn't anything to hide, then there shouldn't be any problem talking about what he has seen. The basis of trust is honesty. If you cannot talk about the things you have done or seen, then you are not being honest, and therefore are untrustworthy.

  • Yes, she exchanged top secret emails about the most powerful country in the world on an unsecured server in her home and refuses to apologize.

    She said it was all deleted, yet, there they are, in all their glory. She is definitely not tech savvy. So, with such inept actions, how would she behave in a position of say...President? Would she be as cavalier about security (in the most security sensitive job in her country - arguably)? Too many questions...beginning with "why?". Sorry, "convenience" is not part of the job description.

  • It would make anyone look untrustworthy

    If you're an important figure and have a mystery related to a possible scandal, you're always going to look untrustworthy no matter what, even if you were in the right the whole time. People are not wrong to have poor views of her while the mystery remains, as unfortunate as it may be for her.

  • No, she already looks it

    There isn't much in life that can make Hillary look dishonest anymore. She is so steeped in lies that no matter if she is even telling the truth, nobody will believe her. It is a lost cause to believe a Clinton about anything, unless it is George Clinton, that is

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