It doesn't matter what you look like, where you come from, what religion you follow, or the color of your skin; we're all human beings.

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  • We all our the SAME, then why discrimination??

    God has made us alike, giving 1 nose, 2 ears , 2 eyes etc. , then what makes us different. God is one but present in different forms for different religions but actually he is ONE, that's it. If he is the same everywhere then why are we making ourselves different from the others. It was us who created the difference not god. We should accept each religion as it is, rather than fighting over it cause having a common religion is just not possible now. So, we should accept everyone as the same and stop discrimination.

  • We are all the same

    We are all the same we just came from different styles, from god, so when you say discrimination is okay your going against your brothers and sisters, there are bad people in the world yes its hard for god to understand them but he still loves them. And if you have children or someone close and they did something bad you would still love them you just wouldn't understand why they did it. Same with god he loves us all he MADE us. Please understand that.

  • Why do we still have discrimination?

    Humans have been on this earth for about 200,000 years so why is there still discrimination. It doesn't matter if you're green, purple with orange blueish polka dots it just doesn't matter. What does matter is your personality and the content of your character that everyone should be looking at.

  • That's a Loaded Statement

    You can't really group all of those things together. For instance, where we come from totally matters. What we are is made up of our pasts. Our religions totally matter too. If I were a Muslim I would be intolerant of those who do not believe, and might not even regard them as human. But since I am a Christian, my goal in life is to spread Christ's love in all the world, even if this requires me to resist people's sinful habits. People will also still profile you based on how you look too. There is just no way around that one.

  • "We're all Humans...".

    All Humans while being classified as Homo sapiens are all individually different from one another with a range of variables exhibited in the one classification of Homo sapiens. There are obvious physical differences, sex differences, mental capacity differences, along with the environmental difference in which a Homosapian is nurtured in that influence the final development from childhood to the adult homo sapien. All humans are homo sapiens but environmental stimuli makes all Homo sapiens different. External stimuli listed such as religion, skin color, are only two effective modifiers among others of Homo sapiens.

  • Discrimination is evolved; bigotry isn't.

    In broad terms, discrimination is showing preference to people we think will most benefit us. Everyone does this all the time -- even people who think they don't. In employment we prefer the same language; in friendship we prefer compatible values and tastes; in love we prefer the healthy to the sick; in finance, we prefer to loan large sums to people who can repay us, even when the desperate need it more.
    Our appraisal of 'personality' is really an appraisal of character, and what we value in character varies from culture to culture.
    So we all discriminate for very selfish reasons; even though selfish doesn't necessarily mean shameful. However, we'll always have others challenging our ignorance and selfishness, which is probably a good thing.
    So what's the real issue here?
    I think it's bigotry. Discrimination is open to challenge and learning, but bigotry is entrenched ignorance. Bigotry is what happens when we turn a selfish preference into a story of loathing, spite and contempt. Sometimes warranted, discrimination doesn't stop us learning to do better, but a bigoted mind is a prison with its doors welded shut.

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