It is a womans fault if she's raped prior to her outfit?

Asked by: radicaalllll
  • Woman should change their clothes

    Nowadays we see women , especially young girls wearing what we can barely call "clothes" divulging some of her parts that can attract mens attention , and she the girls now that very well , they wear those close to seduce maybe their lover , boyfreind ,...To look georgous and sexy....But they forget that they look sexy for ALL men , not just their lover ...As consequence some man that couldn't control himself could commit some idiocy ...

  • Question Has Careful Wording

    The question is about "a" not "every" woman. Somewhere, some woman has to be at fault for putting oneself into a situation and behaving provocatively. Do all women do this? No. Should all women be blamed for this? No. However, it's important to not excuse those who play the victim while hiding behind actual victims. It's also important to not engage in malicious prosecution or scare away the confidence of honest people by melodramatic entrapment.

  • This is a dishonest question

    Of course it is not a woman's fault if she is raped. But the reason I put 'yes' is because I suspect that there is a dishonest motive behind questions like this. The author is actually making two assertions. First, is that rape is not the fault of the woman whatever she dresses like. I agree with this. However, the second assertion, which in this case is left unsaid by the author but is often not left unsaid in youtube video after youtube video, is that if one criticizes or decides that a particular woman's behavior is wrong, then one is therefore excusing rape, blaming the victim for the crime, etc. This, of course, is incorrect and is basically an attempt to use emotional blackmail to bludgeon your opponent instead of bothering to make any actual arguments.
    Now, I personally do not believe in morality, so you monkeys wearing pants can do whatever you want. But it is simply incorrect to make such assertions, and is a cheap way to score points with idiots who do not understand anything of logic or reason.

  • Guilty of being stupid, not of being raped.

    If a man would go naked into a Mosque, what would you say to him after being clubbed out of the door? Victim of discrimination? What would you say to someone having a bundle of 100 Dollar notes hanging out of his pocket in a Paris subway station after being "dispossessed? Victim of racist and xenophobic aggression? The same is for women being raped. It is not the clothing, which counts. It is: wrong place, wrong time, wrong environment, wrong (or absent) company AND in addition: wrong outfit. It is the combination of factors. Like everybody else women have to accept that crime occurs and that means: prevention, not provocation. With this they are unfortunately not alone.

  • I think it is not a womans fault. It's a dress, not a yes!

    As a society we teach women to make sure they "cover up" before they go out in public so they wont attract any men. And when a woman is raped, often by a detective or a police officer she is asked "well what were you wearing? Were you exposing too much skin?". This form of rape culture needs to stop, and rape culture itself needs to stop.

    Stop defending rapists, and instead condone the rapists acts, not the victims.

  • It's not rocket science, it's just following a well established law!

    Is it more likely for woman to be raped if they wear sexier clothes.
    Do woman know this?

    Is it still okay for a woman to wear a short outfit, despite knowing it will be more likely for her to raped?

    Once raped, could the woman have done something to lower the chances of having been raped that day?

    Does it mean then, that if a woman can do something to lower her chances to be raped, she should then do it and change her outfit?

    Obviously not. Clothing is one of the many things a woman can change to lower her odds of being raped. She can change her dress, her make up, her way of walking, her way of looking at people. Woman can change virtually anything.

    So the question makes no sense. Maybe sometimes if the risk is high, it's sensible to choose your clothes accordingly, just like it's sensible to aboid popping your phone or cash on a troubled neighbourhood, but it's not mandatory.
    Of course the woman could have changed something, but because raping is illegal, no woman should have to change anything at all.

    This question makes as much sense as this:

    Is it a woman's fault if she didn't perform self face and genitalia mutilation when she hit puberty to lower her chances of being raped?

    FInally, to answer the question:
    -No it's not the woman's fault, because it was not her intention to be raped. Next time someone gets hit by a car, you tell them they shouldn't have left home, and it was their fault they got hit, and they're as much to blame as someone who crosses outside the cross walk. ( Sarcasm )

  • What the serious ***k

    Ok, I'm clueless to why you would take time out of your day to crate an opinion about it being a woman's fault if she happened to be raped. Why? Make an opinion on fluffy unicorns, or fat wiener dogs, not another friggin rape or abortion topic! Seriously though, you shouldn't have.

  • Women shouldn't have to cover up to avoid rape.

    Instead, men should stop raping women. Those who take the pro stance may not be condoning rape, but what they are saying is that rape can be a woman's fault. This is certianly not true. Rape is the rapists fault. Always. Suprisingly, studies have shown that rapists often choose their targets based upon things that have nothing to do with dress.

  • What the serious ***k

    Ok, I'm clueless to why you would take time out of your day to crate an opinion about it being a woman's fault if she happened to be raped. Why? Make an opinion on fluffy unicorns, or fat wiener dogs, not another friggin rape or abortion topic! Seriously though, you shouldn't have.

  • Rape is always the rapist fault.

    You see a girl at the beach, she is wearing a bikini like everyone else and has a really nice body. What do you do? Any normal person would probably look but would you force them to have sex with you? Absolutely not! Any human being should be able to control their actions. Women can/should be able to wear what they want without being told that they are causing themselves to be involved in a crime! They are a victim.

  • Oh hell no

    Are we seriously still debating about this? I'm just going to clear the air by saying it is NOT the women's fault if she wears slightly revealing clothes and is raped. She should be able to wear what ever she likes and not be raped. So why does this still happen? I'm completely agree that instead of teaching girls to cover up, we should be teaching the guys that rape is not okay, no matter how "tempting" it is if a girl is wearing a revealing outfit. Some guys may say that it is "distracting" if a girls collar bone is showing, or if her shoulders are showing which I think is completely ridiculous. They should learn to not be distracted and learn how to keep their eyes off and on their papers or whatever.

  • It is not her fault

    I don't know what it is with all these blame the victim ideas but it is never the woman's fault if she is raped. It doesn't matter what she was wearing. The Rapist is entirely to blame. This doesn't mean we can;t warn them against walking alone in a dark ally for instance but even then if they are raped it is not their fault.

  • Rape is Never ok

    It is not a woman's fault if she's raped just because of what she wore. Men are smart enough to know right from wrong, especially when it comes to rape. There is no excuse for a man to say that it's ok based on what a woman wore. I still recommend that people should try to dress appropriately, but it will never be their fault if someone else rapes them.

  • There is no excuse for rape

    In a society where even 1% of the human beings live believe that rape can be excused because of how a person is dressed, then that society has failed. That's like saying it's a rich person's fault that his Lamborghini was stolen. Hold the criminals responsible. Hold the rapists responsible.

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MassiveDump says2014-04-22T04:43:14.187
Before anyone loses their lard over this question (whoops, too late), people need to understand that the answer is neither yes nor no. At times, there are points where people make poor decisions that lead to poor consequences, like the aforementioned topic. However, that doesn't suggest that rape is ~only~ caused by outfit wearing. This is why I don't like the question-- Sometimes it is; sometimes it isn't. This should be a discussion topic, not an opinion question.