It is better to date someone attractive or intelligent?

  • Intelligent and popular

    My second point is about how do you handle problems in your relationships. When your relationship is in crisis or in state of having some understandings, the popular one would just go and find someone else and left you hanging because they’re not afraid about your feelings and can easily meet someone else. They’re popular and has many admirers. They can easily replace you while the intelligent one would choose to stay. They would rather find a brillant solution and fix the problem right away than to ran away.

  • Intelligent and smart

    I am supporting the intelligent and smart one because smart and intelligent people ar understandung and able to solve evert problem with ease...And have smart opinions and have a ability to express there views in smartly...
    They have some different views to think , to do and make there problems easyer and to solve them logicaly

  • Its about what you want.

    I would require someone im sexually Attracted to in order to be in a relationship. As for intelligence, I believe the average person is capable of a intelligent conversation. Being in a relationship you'll balance out. Ill take the time to inform them and raise them up to my level. But in the same way I could try to make someone more physically appealing to me. Via Clothes, style, composer.

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