It is better to kill yourself than to kill steal or own slaves etc. to survive.

Asked by: steffon66
  • I agree of course as i made the statement.

    I have already killed many animals to survive. That im not too worried about because killing them is ending their misery if they are miserable and if they are happy im not too worried about it either because their happiness will come to an end anyways and happiness is not important. Its better for one to die and one to eat and be ok than it is for one to live scared and one to starve. But the defense for slavery is that it was necessary and we would have been over run by other countries if we didnt own slaves. To make someone completely miserable steal their lives and deny them the rights they deserve as much as you and you enjoy to survive is horrible. Id rather die than to be as evil as religious people. And not only do they enslave beings to survive they do it for mere pleasure. Animals for instance. They take birds that can fly around the world and lock them in a box like prisoners who have done less harm than they do to those animals. Funny. Lol ill die before i have to do evil to survive like. Fyg and you too

  • That's a funny question.

    Since no Christian would own slaves in this day of time, slavery wouldn't happen(unless you are talking about human trafficking) which does still happen. In that situation a person with a clear conscience would do the right thing.

    I would steal something before killing myself. That's a no brainer for me.

    There are sins that are greater than others. However, because of one sin, e deserve death no matter what that sin is.

  • Im not sure i understand the question

    It is NEVER ok to kill yourself. Why is this an either or thing? Why can't you stay alive and not own slaves? By looking at your comment it looks like you are talking about animals being slaves. Since animals are not human they cannot be slaves. If you are talking about slavery in Human history you have to remember that not everyone owned slaves. Only the richest people owned them. They owned them by choice so if you lived in there time you would never be forced to own a slave. You will never be forced to make a choice between owning a slave and killing yourself. That is just silly.

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