It is easier to kill a person with a gun vs a knife (both physically and psychologically)

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  • Of course it is

    First, talking about proximity. To use a knife to kill someone, you have to be close enough to make physical contact. The person can fight back and possibly fight off the attacker. With a gun, the attacker can be physically weaker and much further away from the victim. Psychologically, it would take more determination to kill someone with a knife. A gun requires very little effort comparatively from the attacker.

  • Anyone who disagrees is wrong on every level.

    The question is, "Is it easier to kill a person with a gun." the answer, is unarguably yes.

    Firearms have the ability to penetrate late century armor that made people almost invulnerable to bladed weapons. Chainmail would make someone nearly immune to a stabbing with a simple knife, whereas it wouldn't even stop a 22lr.

    Stabbing someone is up close and personal, you can feel the blade sloshing through their bodies, watch their expressions, and hear their cries of pain and anguish. A gun can kill someone instantly. You'll note someone said getting stabbed several times with a knife is deadly? How about getting shot several times with a 12g shotgun? Or even a .22 pistol?

    It's not easier, not by a long shot. Everyone saying no, uses arguments that are completely irrelevant, you know what boxcutters can take down an airline? Because they can be hidden. Red herrings everywhere.

  • Guns Are Superior.

    It's easy to kill someone with a gun. Aim and then fire. You can be close to a mile away and, if you are an accurate shot, it will almost always be a fatality. And, using that particular situation. You wouldn't even see the person you shot in close detail. Whereas, with a knife you are extremely close to someone. You will see the life fade out of that man or woman's eyes. You will see how that person is in his or her final moments. You can hear the crunching of the bones as the knife passes through them. That noise will be replayed over and over again in your mind throughout your life time. You will hear it in your sleep. You will hear it when walking over dried leaves during autumn. It will be enough to make any person in the right frame of mind go

  • Knives all the way.

    A gun is only as good as the ammo inside. If you take the bullets out of a gun, you essentially have a chunk of metal. Now, knives are virtually incapable of running out of ammunition, making them infinitely more dangerous than guns. Also, you have to be in close proximity with a knife to kill, so you see how this could be more traumatizing than a suddenly being dead. Knives are also very effective. If you get shot, you can still survive, but when you are stabbed over and over again, your chances of survival is next to nothing.

  • Guns will be more fatal.

    I've seen people say that without the bullets inside the gun, it is nothing. That's true, but what shooter goes into something without ammo? So it's very unlikely they WONT have bullets in there. Other than that, knives you have to up close with to actually hurt the person. You can kill someone or several people from very far away with a gun. In fact you could kill many people from far away at one time, but a knife? You could kill one person at a time and the chances of them being able to get it out of the attackers hands is high.

  • Knives take much less skill to kill than a handgun.

    A knife is a powerful weapon that requires very little skill to inflict a fatal wound. Knife wounds at any of several locations are almost always fatal (carotid artery in neck, brachial and axillary arteries near the breast, the heart, and the femoral artery in the groin area, to name a few). And inflicting such wounds does not require much physical strength. Victims instinctively understand the danger: that's why the September 11 attackers were able to divert three jetliners by merely threatening to use boxcutters - small knives that use razor blades to open boxes. Using a knife does not take much training. Every adult and even most children have considerable experience in using knives. Handguns, on the other hand, require much more skill and training to deploy accurately. If you doubt that, go to a public range and observe people shooting at the 7-yard line. Often they cannot reliably hit the vital areas of a human target even at that limited distance. Trained policemen often fare no better. New York police officers fired 41 shots at immigrant Amadou Diallo, but hit him only 19 times. Diallo died, but 80% of persons shot with a handgun actually survive. Handguns are not magic killing machines. Each bullet has to be made to hit a vital area, and even then, most handgun cartridges are not powerful enough to guarantee a kill. The idea that it is easier to kill with a handgun because you are farther away from the victim is unfounded. As the distance increases, your ability to inflict a fatal wound diminishes geometrically. You are much less likely to hit your target at distance, and the killing power of a most handgun bullets drops off quickly as distance increases. A handgun shooter who successfully hits his intended target is likely to be just as close as an person wielding a knife. At that distance, the shooter is very likely to be sprayed with blood and possibly bits of flesh and bone erupting from the wound. Experiencing such mayhem will likely to cause as much psychological scarring as seeing the effects of a knife attack, at least for people susceptible to such scarring. As for the sound involved in deploying a knife or a handgun, a knife is much quieter. Most knife wounds do not "crunch" bones - the knife slips between the bones to do its damage. Indeed, knives can inflict a fatal wound virtually without making any audible sound. Handguns, on the other hand, are deafening. Unless the shooter is wearing hearing protection even one shot will cause significant ringing in the ears for several hours. And shooting victims are just as likely to be staring at their attacker as they die . Handguns rarely kill instantly; most fatalities from handgun wounds play out over hours, not seconds. Most handguns do not have the power to knock down a human being, much less instantaneously incapacitate him, unless the bullet connects directly with his central nervous system.

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Craighawley215 says2016-01-26T13:59:27.227
I think you probably would need to have combat experience killing someone in order to have a clear answer to this question.