• World Peace is Impossible.

    World peace is impossible as we are not beings of intrinsic peace. Even the most stark of existentialists would realize that our inherent nature (regardless of its perceived origin) is based upon violence. Do we not kill to survive? We do. There is no other way as of now, And quite frankly, Even when peace is always man's best option (or perceived to be as a whole for mankind), There will always be those outliers that are intent on forging happiness on top the graves of others, Both metaphorically and pseudo literally speaking.

  • You are all idiots.

    Did you guys even READ the title? "It is [not] possible to achieve world peace. " By saying no, You are saying that it IS possible to achieve world peace. Unlike you all, I am smart enough to realize the context, And I say that it IS possible. All we gotta do is eliminate gays and kill all cops. They beat niggers, And I love niggers. Niggers are so cool and they use their brains!

  • It’s not possible to achieve world peace

    Because of the people’s lifestyle we can never achieve world peace. It is really difficult. And people will do it just for that day. In the coming era it will be worse and worser. Discrimination is still happening in some countries. Peace fighters like Mother Teresa did their maximum and the name is still there but there work is not at all living

  • Utopian Societies Aren't Possible

    In order to achieve global world peace, You'll have to have every single person think the same, Have the same skin complexion and have the same exact ideologies and beliefs, You've finally achieve world peace but now we've got another issue, A total tolitarism society. Unless you want a sad dystopian society that never has cultural or political differences, World peace is impossible.

  • Nope, Hate is everyone's true God on Earth.

    Conflict is too profitable for first world countries. That's why I own a gun. Assault me in public and get shot, Easy solution. Why go through the trouble of talking to people who want to see you dead? The quickest draw wins mother fuckers welcome back to the wild west.

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