It is ok for a parent to physically discipline his child?

  • Yes, Of course!

    If used moderately, Spanking is an effective and fine way of disciplining children and even teenagers. The best age for introducing spanking is age of 4-5 years, And it can be used until the age of 17. Of course some aspects are important:

    The child must understand the reasons for the punishment, The parent should always talk with the child in a calm manner before the punishment starts.

    Only concrete misbehaviour should be punished.

    A parent should never spank in anger.

    Additional punishments are not necessary and should be avoided, A proper spanking is punishment enough.

    A spanking should be administered in a private place, Not in front of the family. The whole procedure should the child embarrass not more than necessary.

    Moreover, A spanking should always be administered on the bare bottom, Regardless of the child's age or gender. Younger children should only get spanked with the open hand, For older children (age 10-12) the use of a belt is considerable. Teenagers should always get spanked with a folded belt. Nevertheless, The child's bottom should be red after the punishment, But not purple or bruised!

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