It is possible to register to vote via text message. Will this increase voter fraud?

  • Yes, the use of text message to register to vote will increase fraud

    The process of voter registration needs to be done in a manner that confirms the person and their identity. The use of text and digital messaging is not a proper method for voter registration. There are too many cases of computer and cell phone hacking that would raise the concern for voter fraud.

  • No, text message voter registration won't increase fraud.

    No, the ability of citizens to register to vote via text message should not increase voter fraud. While it may cause an increase in registrations that are invalid, the workers at the polling places should be properly identifying all voters, so there should be no invalid voters allowed to cast a poll.

  • It could make it more difficult to verify the legitimacy of voters.

    While I believe that the option to register to vote via text message will greatly increase political engagement and participation among Americans, it could also lead to many difficulties, such as voter fraud. Allowing people to register via text message could make it more difficult to verify the legitimacy of voters.

  • No; such services still require a signed form

    Registering via text - aimed at getting young voters registered - requires residents to provide personal information, including legal name, address, date or birth and driver's license and social security numbers. Once this is complete, a form is sent to the applicant via standard mail, which must be signed and returned to complete the registration process, making it relatively similar to the traditional registration process.

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