It is shameful that something as basic as drinking water is now a branded consumer product.

Asked by: PugsRule11
  • This is a natural need for us.

    By this logic people should start selling air to us as a consumer good. This is a basic need not just for humans but also for other animals and all living things for that matter. Especially given that creating clean drinking water is something that you can do yourself with relative ease.

  • We have rights!

    We need water to live. Without it we'll all just die. But people are making us buy water, that is so outrageous! There is actually a bottled water that costs $60, 000 per 750 ml!! Such a scam. Of course ordinary water is much more cheap but still as stupid!

  • Why is this allowed?

    The very fact we brand water is just extremely stupid. If it were different tasting water that give the same nutrition of regular H2O or better, I can understand. But since water generally tastes the same, there is no need to brand water. So why on earth is it allowed to brand water, of all things?

  • This is a no-brainer.

    Clean drinking water is a basic necessity to live. 3 days without water and you die. If water is not a human right then I don't know if anything is. And I hope nestle chokes on their blood money. It's perverse that they can own a source of water in an area plagued with drought, people dying while they make a profit selling the water to spoiled western snobs.

  • Nope Its smart

    We dont live in a Communist society. We live in a world where nothing is free and you either work hard, or are a slacker. The richest people are the ones who can be lazy and ard workers at once. Bottled water is one of the best example of this.

  • There's a reason to the price of bottled water.

    You can always get it for free if you want it. You can always go to the rivers or anywhere to get the water right from the source and that way you don't have to pay for it. However, bottled water are already sanitized, disinfected, purify and the the foreign materials were already gotten rid off. All of these processes cost money. I don't understand anyone's complaints to this as I think they should think more thoroughly about this matter.

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ShabShoral says2015-05-30T01:27:19.463
You literally stole this from the Political Compass test. Wow, the opinions section is such a breeding ground of new and original content.