• Feminism vs Men

    A typical feminist fight:

    Feminist --- we want equality - Mentos aren't gender equal. 'Mentos' should be called 'Womentos' (ha more like superiority)
    Man --- Neveeerrrrrrrrr! We will never give in to 21st Century feminism - basically extremism - You want a scrap, Huh?
    Feminist --- You can't punch a women.

  • Q w e

    Q w e r t y u i o p a s d f g h j k lz x c v b n m q w e r t y u i o p a s d f g h j k l z x c v b n

  • Defeinetly yes 100%

    This is very true because a simpe rape acusation wil RUIN the life of a man. Everybody wil beleve the women for no reson. Men prety much NEVER win custdy of the kids and it s redicilous. Something thats also redicilous is the word needed for posting an opinion bye

  • It’s absolutely unfair!

    Women are human therefore they are fallible. Mental illness knows no gender boundaries. I fear innocent men going to prison in U. S. States that do away with the statute of limitations for rape. I can’t even bring myself to approach a woman at all due to overbroad crime definitions in my U. S. State

  • Am I missing something?

    Um. . . I really don't have a lot to say, But I'm pretty sure the opposite is the case. Most laws favor men. Unless something changed within the past hundreds of years, Men are stronger and were presumed to be smarter until the 1930s or 20s. If the tide has changed, It's because these days, Women are hired because they're women. People hire them primarily because they don't want to be called sexist.

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