• Yeah okay yeah

    Honestly just let adults love and sex each other like why do so many people just care so much about other peoples lives this much, Just be gay it okay and if you say no then ok cool don't be gay but that doesnt mean its not okay for other people to be gay

  • What's wrong with being gay?

    Gay people did not choose to be born the way they were. Limiting someone because they were born a certain way is wrong. How would you feel if you were born a certain way and people limited what you can and can't do? What if you were born gay, What are your ideas then?

  • Ok to be gay.

    There's nothing wrong with being gay some people are born gay the reasons people hate gay people are because of some disgust they have for gay people. It harms no one to be gay and even if you see it as a mental disorder why do you hate gay people? Do you hate kids with down syndrome? You people are responsible for all the gay teenagers and kids committing suicide! How would you like to never be allowed to have fulfilling sex? Shaming is wrong the bible also say love your neighbor and judge not lest you be judged. You could have been born gay.

  • It's OK to be gay

    Being gay isn't just like a lifestyle choice. It's an identity. One that many gay folks have had to keep in the closet in a more bigoted version of America. Being gay is a difference that is inherent, Like skin color. I mean you wouldn't want to be mean to someone just because of the color of their skin, Would you?
    It boils down to choosing to be accepting of people who are different from you and saying live and let live.

  • Gay is okay

    I think humanity is screwed up if yall think its not okay being gay. We are in 2020 already, A person should be a 100percent free to feel atractive to the same sex without being criticized. Im not gay so i don't know how it really feels to be, But i don't think than u can stop being gay, I mean it is who you are, And it is real nowadays, So your kids should understand it and KNOW that it is okay to be gay.

  • Clowns over here===>

    Yall it is the year of our lord 2020 and you're offended by gay people? Like no chooses to be gay, Why would they choose to be gay when people like yall exsist. Yall be clowns. Honestly though being gay isn't inherently good or bad, It's just a human trait that should be respected.

  • I don’t it is okay and is making people go crazy

    Stop it is not ok for things like this to happen in this day and age I really don’t want my kids to be seeing things like this is truly makes me sad how my kid has to put up with things like this at such a young age just stop being gay

  • Did you read the Bible?

    I am a catholic and I have read the bible and the bible says God made man and woman to be joined together making two into one. Homosexual marriage violates the Catholicism and we are told to love all people regardless and at the same time, Not support those who don't support catholicism. So in the end, I'm going to say catholic teachings say be kind to gay people but do not support their ideas.

  • Not okay by extension.

    Many proponents of homosexuality use the same arguments to defend it as you could do to defend other relationships they contrarily decide to denounce and vilify. Because of this, I don't see fit to offer them any leniency in that matter. A decidedly unsympathetic group with little in the way of logical consistency.

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