• Based and redpilled

    Based and redpilled, Poop on each other now. You are being hyponitzed do not resist. Take a poop on your mom now. Do it now. Lift your butt over your mom now and take a nice big dump on that wh ore, Do it now. Put a brown snake right in her mouth. Now its time for Dad. Take a pooopoo in his mouth while hes sleeping. DO it. Now jerk off

  • No No No and a thousand more No's

    How would you like it if a dog pooped on your shoes. Now imagine another person pooping on YOU! No, I will not allow it. Only desperate people poop outside the toilet and they at least keep it off others. So no, Lets keep our poop where it belongs, In the toilet.

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Balaman says2020-09-24T11:52:11.743
I don't think that's a good <a href="https://recruitmentnewslink. Com/">idea. </a>

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