• Stop spamming me emails to deal with joker

    So both me and Batman got about 500, 000 emails to save this stupid website all under the name jamal and they’re begging us to stop joker from spamming this website. I thought Batman already told you idiots to stop asking him to deal with the joker he’s not hurting anyone. Look stop emailing us were busy people. Go ask the cyber police or the grammar police to deal with the joker on this website. We’re not the cyberpolice

  • Calling the avengers!

    We need the avengers. The justice league refuses to join us and we need help saving this sight. Hopefully the avengers are available and c’mon star lord, Loki is hunting down Gamora and if you help save this site, We’ll find a way to get her back before she goes rogue or falls under Loki’s influence.

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