It should be called gun privileges not gun rights.

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  • The bill of RIGHTS. Not the bill of privileges.

    I guess we have a privilege to free speech and a privilege to free religion that to?. Nope. These are rights. Our founding fathers fought hard for these rights and we can't just take them away. We own guns so we can defend our selves. Self dense is a right.

  • What are rights?

    According to the understanding of the Founders of America, rights come from the natural law. This law states that all men are equal in their rights, and each man has the right to do anything that will preserve his life from being taken away from him. When we agree to come together in political community (i.E. Form a government) we do give up some of our powers. But we do retain this fundamental right to self-preservation. Thus, we have the right to the means of self-preservation as well, which in this day and age means a right to own guns. We have a right to own the weapons necessary to defend ourselves and our loved ones from harm. The government can greatly assist us in protecting ourselves (which is why it exists in the first place), but government may not be enough at times (just ask the people of Detroit). Also, a privilege is something granted to you by a higher authority, and it can be revoked at any time by that authority. A right is something that cannot legally or rightfully be taken away from you. So yes, we do have a right to own guns, and it ought to be called what it really is.

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