It should be legal to fire people from businesses because they are gay.

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  • It would be a dick move

    But as long as it's a private employer they should be legally allowed to do it. If it's their business, they should have the right to fire any one of their employees for literally any reason.

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  • Its your business

    Why should you have to employ someone you are uncomfortable with? Yes, gays are people but if someone does not agree with their lifestyle they should not be forced to employ them. If its your business you should be allowed to run it the way you want. You should be able to decide the work environment you want for your business.

  • Immoral, but it should be legal.

    I think that it is incredibly immoral to fire someone for something they can't control. However, just because something is immoral doesn't mean it should be illegal, and businesses should absolutely have the right to fire someone for trivial reasons. I would like to hear a good argument against my opinion, though.

  • Freedom of speech

    If the person owns the business than whats the problem. Are you all saying hooters if discriminating for not having male waiters or fat waitresses. Of the CEO wants non gays then so be it. People can just not make the business profitable so the CEO can then rethink. If the person owns the business than the its fine. It like me wanting an hawaiian experience hotel is me choosing native hawaiians to do the jobs discrimination nope its positive discrimination.

  • Private Property Rights

    While it is horrible for people to fire someone for being gay, the employer, if the employer is a private citizen they should have the right to refuse employment to anyone for any reason. If you do not want someone on your property, you should not be forced to allow to remain there. I do not believe such businesses should be condemned by the government, but I do think the community should condemn them for their immoral actions.

  • Absolutely. It is illegal in most states and should as a matter of public policy be illegal in all states.

    I hope we all agree that there are reasons employers can't fire some people. You can't fire someone based on their religion or race. This is because as a nation, we want our citizens to be able to participate in the economy of the United States and enjoy their independent right to pursue life, liberty, etc. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act is the primary vehicle that states this policy. Now, in the past, courts have explicitly said Title VII does not address sexual orientation. But the United States Supreme Court has now recognized the rights of same-sex couples to marry. In doing so, it has removed any real argument that their sexual orientation is "abnormal." As a society, we can't let private individuals for innate traits such as race and I believe sexual orientation or protected lifestyle decisions such as religion. In short, it's bad public policy, unethical, immoral, and certainly illegal in most states (and should be in all) to fire someone based on gender orientation.

  • No. Gay people deserve the same rights as the straight.

    It's stupid to fire somebody because of their sexual orientation or views. Firing somebody should be due to reasons such as horrible actions in the workplace or the lack of certain actions.
    People who are homosexual don't really choose to be gay. Even if they did, it would still be their right like it already is.

  • An immoral and impractical idea.

    If said gay person isn't hindering the buisiness, or has no quarrel with other co-workers, there is no reason for you to be able to force someone out of their job just becuase of their sexual orientation. You can't just fire black people for being black, so why would you be able to fire gay people for being gay.

  • Gays are people too

    Firing someone just because they're gay, atheist, Satanist, Muslim or Wiccan is wrong. We have discrimination laws for a reason. Gays have the same rights as non Gays. We need to stop judging people because of their sexuality. There are many successful LBGTQ people out there. Don't judge people just because of cultural norms.

  • Discrimination Laws exist for a reason

    If you are in the business of producing a service, and your employees are not performing that mission up to standard, then that is due cause to terminate someone's employment. To fire someone for their sexuality is archaic, backwards, and above all, discriminatory and should be punishable by law. If it is unacceptable to fire someone for their race, it should be no less unacceptable to fire someone for their sexuality.

  • Do you own a brain?

    Yeah, this is ridiculous. If this is okay then a business owner is free to fire someone for being a man, for being a Christian, for being black? What type of question is this it's discrimination full stop. If you really feel so "uncomfortable" don't hire them in the first place. Kmt.

  • You won't pay someone because they are different why?

    So they are gay, what does that have to do with anything? Will they ask out co workers? That could happen with straight people too. Will they be angry and violent because they are gay? No. Would it be right to fire someone because you think they are ugly? Or better looking than you? Or different religion? Or that they don't agree with you? No. So it is not and should not be legal to fire someone who is gay.

  • Why would you fire someone for a characteristic they can't change about themselves

    How about I fire you because you have brown hair, big feet or colored skin
    What one does in their private life should in no way influence their job opportunities
    The fact that this is even a controversial topic makes me sick
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  • You can't fire them for belief

    You can fire them regardless of an action or any bad behavior. But it is illegal to fire them for a belief such as being gay, having a different religion, or any thing else. It's illegal for a reason. Now three more dots to fill needed words. . . .

  • It sounds ridiculous and stupid

    I am quite shocked actually to see that these many people are favoring it. It is really sad to see such a degrading view of our society. I think that everyone should be judged on their ability rather than their sexual preferences. Though i agree that everyone has the right to select their employee, but everyone should also see that no discrimination based on gender or sexuality should be there.

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