• Profanity is offensive, Crude, And immoral.

    People who swear at you are crude, Offensive, Toxic, And downright immoral when they direct such disgusting language at you. They are always too stupid to open a dictionary and learn new words or too lazy to create new expressions. Lastly, People are stupid to realize these words incite violence and may not realize that the person they swore at may have a gun.

  • No it shouldn’t

    Pretty sure whoever posted this is a troll but I’ll answer anyway.

    So imagine every old man who says the F word as a joke and then some crazy mom with her kid pulls out a revolver and shoots the poor guy who’s probably a grandpa to someone just because he said a bad word. . .

    I think this example proves my point

  • Its a no-no

    If people are swearing at you rather than shooting them, Why don't you try to swear at them back. I mean their hurting you sentimental not your physical. You should do the same right? I just think that shooting are too much for a swear and insults. Do you think so?

  • No, Just n o.

    This is the equivalent of me shooting someone because they accidentally bumped into me and I shot them because they, "Assaulted me. "

    If you are such a sensitive little kid who wants to K I L L people for the sole reason that they hurt your feelings, Then you are not fit for society.

    On the other side of the argument I see them say, "Such words incite violence. " Words don't incite violence, It is moronic people who get so mad that they think hitting, Hurting, And downright killing them is the right thing to do.

    Listen I understand that controlling your feelings is impossible, And that's understandable, But you as a human being is surely possible of controlling your actions.

    I do accept that people who curse at you and mock you should be taught a lesson but they're not going to be a better person by downright killing them. And no-matter how hard someone beats you down, Mocks you, And insults you taking their life is not the option.

    Everyone makes mistakes even good people will at times insult, Or mock people. So a lot of GOOD PEOPLE are going to die because of sensitive morons. Think of the many innocent lives are going to be lost because I said, "Dude, You're (insert cuss word), Stupid. "

    That's my argument.

  • It should not be legal

    Cursing and/or swearing should not be the reason for someone to get shot at. The First Amendment clearly states that there is freedom of speech. The fact that they are "bad" is just a matter of opinion. No one should ever be shot at or potentially killed just for saying some words.

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Leaning says2020-07-29T00:02:13.840
In older days maybe, If you challenge them to a duel, And they accept.

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