• Of course God and science can intertwine!

    To say God doesn't exist simply because there is no evidence to support Him, is fallacy. This is true because one can say that God doesn't exist because there is no evidence to disprove Him. Whether God exists, or doesn't exist, is due to one's own perspective. First off, scientists have no clue how life began. There may be many theories, however, not one experiment has created life in a controlled environment so how did it create itself in such a hostile environment. Second, Darwinian Evolution has been proven flawed in more ways than one. Life does not solely evolve because of mutation and natural selection. We, humans have roughly 150 genes in our body that are "foreign," meaning they didn't come from out ancestors. Scientists believe that horizontal gene transfer is the cause of this, yet other scientists are still skeptical. The universe exploded into existence roughly 13.8 billions years ago. Before the Big Bang, there was nothing. Yet from that time, to now, everything has aligned perfectly to not only allow life, but intelligent life. Those chances, though still a chance, are astronomical. In the sense of monotheistic religions, God created the universe. Atheists refute this by saying science disproves God. However, not one scientific equation disproves God. Atheists also claim that if God created the universe, who created God? Well, I say, if the universe created us, who created the universe? If the universe came from nothing, and God is nothing, can we not come from Him? The singularity, which is the nanosecond in time when the universe exploded into existence, is still misunderstood in science. Yet, they claim that before the Big Bang there was nothing. If space, in which we reside was nothing, then the singularity couldn't have existed. Nothing is the absence of everything. This means something had to be there. Spacetime is only recordable to before the Big Bang, as there is nothing to record it to before that. Space consists of three dimensions, while time is the fourth dimension. Though separate, they are intertwined. Therefore, if space existed before the Big Bang, so did time, we just can't record it. This makes space eternal. Isn't God eternal? There are things about our universe we will never understand. One must look inside their heart, and their soul, to find the answer. But first, we must start by not asking "Who or what created the universe," but rather "How the universe was made."

  • Science does the work, religion claims the finds

    I'v always wondered where the religious got their information from.. IMO this proves my point. A scientist does years of research and hard work, and someone believing in a god, stakes a claim that evolution was done by god. I know its like beating a dead horse, but where is there any proof what so ever, that god is responsible for evolution-?

  • I'm really dissapointed

    Religion for some reason seems to disagree with science until it gets itself backed into a corner. Then they claim that science coincides with god JUST FINE! The bible makes several inferences that the world is flat and many people believe that until sigh....... Science. The bible cant prove anything so it just steals work and evidence from science

  • Uhm, wait... What?

    Now, I haven't read this particular work, but I'm pretty sure that evolution is not coinciding with religion. Christianity states that Adam and Eve were the first humans and that the Earth was created in 6 days. There is literally ZERO evidence to back this claim. If religious folk are trying to draw a connection between Genesis and Evolution, that's fine, but there needs to be reasonable evidence to support that claim in order for it to be taken seriously by anyone skeptic of faith. Besides, the idea of God is in itself an unfalsifiable hypothesis. The question of God needs to be answered first if this conjecture that the two (God and Evolution) are even remotely connected, which I highly doubt.

  • No he didn't

    Dude, Adam and Eve were created like 5,000,000 years ago, what are you expecting, some huge pyramid which says "here lies Adam and eve", if that did happen, you would say it is a hoax, the point is, your claim that there is no proof to back Adam and eve is stupidity defined, the proof is that the book of genesis, the Sumerian tablets, and countless other ancient documents say the same thing, with the exception of the names being altered from Adam in Hebrew to adamu in Sumerian. Before 1825, the only proof we have is written accounts, so I could say that there is no proof behind the American Revolution happening, there is just a bunch of people saying it happened.

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