It was wrong for the Turks to kill the Greek Christians in the former region of Pontos

  • Προφανώς, έχει χαρακτηριστεί και από την ιστορία.

    Yes, it was. It has been recognised as a genocide and this particular invasion in Pontos in fact aimed at more than territorial expansion of the Ottoman empire in the area, since the Greek population was extrerminated and their culture was intentionally attacked, maybe harmed as well.
    History has codemned this, it's out off question an unforgiving historical crime.

  • It was very wrong

    There was a region at the port of the Black Sea in Turkey and it was a Greek region populated with Pontic Greeks who spoke the Pontian language which is a language similar to Ancient Greek and close to Turkish. The Pontic Greeks were Christians living in peace until the Turks created a Genocide on them, this Genocide lasted from 1916-1923. The Turks tortured the Pontic Greeks, made them do death walks and starved them to death! Most Pontic Greeks retreated to the Motherland (Greece) and some retreated to Russia. Those who stayed behind were forced to become Muslim and those who refused to become Muslim and stayed as Greek Orthodox Christians were tortured and killed!!! Since when was it right to kill Christians who lived in peace and wanted nothing but peace!!!?

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