Italy Rigopiano avalanche: Dozens missing under snow and rubble: Are recent earthquakes in Italy an indication of climate change?

  • Recent earthquakes in Italy are an indication of climate change.

    Climate change precipitated by human events and monitored in numerous weather stations worldwide over a statistically significant period of time impact many types of weather systems and environmental turbulence. Resulting earthquakes are no exception whether predictable in places where frequent seismic activities are likely to occur or not evidently given historically recorded events. In relationship to the type of seismic activity evidenced in Italy recently, when massive glaciers melt, for example, the weight force on Earth's crust shifts, precipitating what has been identified as "isostatic rebound" which, among other results, might increase seismic activity and reactivate earthen faults.

  • No, earthquakes are not a result of climate change.

    Climate change may be impacting our weather; however, the climate has nothing to do with earthquakes. Throughout the history of the world, earthquakes have occurred. Many of these quakes were quite violent; causing extensive damage and killing many. Therefore, the climate has little do with tectonic plates shifting beneath the surface of the earth.

  • Recent earthquakes in Italy are not an indication of climate change

    Recent earthquakes in Italy are non-indication of climate change; and this nonstop narrative to blame every discomfort, anomaly, and natural occurrence on climate change is getting so old and tiresome. News flash! Avalanches have been happening since snow first fell upon our great mountain tops. People need to relax and get a grip over this climate change nonsense.

  • There are always problems.

    Looking at statistics over time, there are no more problems with natural events than there have been over time. In fact, fewer people die of tornadoes these days because we don't have to wonder when they're going to strike. We have warning systems for some natural events that help us protect people.

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