Italy sets the stage for mass deportation and "zero tolerance" of illegal immigration: Do you think this is appropriate?

  • Action needs to be taken

    Illegal immigrants need to be regulated and there has to be something done They are lawless and need a better streamlining process if they want to become actual citizens. They need to be able to prove that they won't cause trouble and the fact they sneaked in means that, That is their only purpose.

  • The Most Swift and Cost-Effective Solution.

    Round up the Illegal African Invaders and return them back to Africa the same way they got to Italy: via the very same NGO boats (and other ships) from Libya and Tunisia. Let Libya and Tunisia deal with the problem since they assisted and were complicit in allowing illegal immigration into Italy in the first place. Just curious, WHY ISN'T THE EU OFFERING ASYLUM TO WHITE, CHRISTIAN SOUTH AFRICANS WHO FACE PERSECUTION BY EITHER BEING KILLED OR FORCED OFF THEIR FARMS, ENCOURAGED BY THE BLACK MAJORITY GOVERNMENT? Why don't we hear about THIS in the MSN?

  • Important word here is "illegal"

    Breaking the law is breaking the law. Every country has the right to control their own borders and decide what constitutes a "refugee". The criminals sneaking into and around countries need to be deported back to their home land. If they go to any length to sneak into a country, what else would they go to any length to do? They need to come in by the book and follow the same rules as everyone else.

  • Deport every last one

    Deport them all. Most are economic migrants. There can be more help to grow their own countries. There is a racism here against the people of Europe. Why is it ok for the Italian people to be invaded and made a minority in their own country. Where are the people who stand up for Tibet with the demographic warfare going on there? Already in Sweden, in a couple decades, Swedes are down to 70% of the population. When will it be 49%? When will it be 30%? It’s ok to eliminate the Swedish people? This type of ethnic cleansing is ok? To the self-loathing leftists, maybe so!

  • Illegal Immigrants contribute to lawlessness.

    Do the very nature of illegal immigration, as in undocumented, there are fewer safeguards to protect individuals in the host country. Criminal aliens can simply leave the country, start a new identity in another Shengen area country by claiming refugee status. Legal immigration can help prevent such scenarios from taking place.

  • Yes; illegal immigrants are criminals with no regard for the law

    Those in a nation illegally are breaking the law with every breathe they take. Most nations make it extremely difficult to enter illegally, with the immediate arrest and deportation of non-residents without legal reason to be there. It is perfectly understandable for these policies to be in place; statistically, crime rates among illegals are greater than those citizens rightfully in the country.

  • They have to do something.

    Hundreds of people have died in Europe this year as a result of terrorism. There have been people who have been run over by vehicles while they are trying to enjoy a Christmas market or a holiday. Italy has to do something in order to protect its citizens. This is a start.

  • We have to think logically and carefully

    Many people just assume that all illegal immigrants are in this country because they are criminals looking for an easy life. This is most often not the case. Many peope come here to flee the dangers of their home country. Others are here illegally because they were brought here as small children. Some illegal immigrants have never actually known their "home land." We need to be careful when deporting these people, and take careful consideration into the circumstances of each case.

  • I don't think Italy's harsh stance on mass deportation is inappropriate

    With the recent terrorist attacks in Europe, countries such as Italy are looking for ways to prevent future attacks. Unfortunately, mass deportation and zero tolerance of illegal immigration are ways many countries are relying on to help prevent terrorism on their soil. There seem to very few other options to successfully combat terrorism at home.

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