Italy (Yes) Vs Ireland (No): If you could choose, where would you like to go?

Asked by: bettabreeder
  • An Amazing Culture

    Not saying Ireland is bad, as I would love to visit everywhere in the world. However, Italy is just so diverse from North to South. Its culture, people, architecture is just so beautiful. Plus, the landscape is so much more mesmerizing, captivating, and beautiful. I'm not Italian or Irish, only Romanian, Iranian, and French, but Italy is amazing.

  • Gotta love Italian culture!

    Italy has a nicer climate of warmer weather and is more diverse in Both land and culture. In the North Italy is more German and Swiss but in the South it is Greek and Arabic. The food is more wildspead and is more tastier. Not to say i'm also Sicilian

  • To be sure.

    I have travelled quite a bit. Have lived in Spain, Israel, Thailand, Holland and now Ireland. You will not get a warmer welcome anywhere else in the world I tell ya than Ireland and I say this as an Englishman and we all know the historical pain inflicted by the English on the Irish. Whilst you may not get 2 days of consecutive sunshine in a row the grass sure is green and the whiskey keen.
    I spent a few weeks in Italy over the 1990 world cup and whilst I would be willing to visit more of Italy I have no desire to live there. So Ireland wins by knockout.

  • Ireland is the best place in the World

    I am Irish, the weather is very predictable, the people amazing, the roads dead straight, the North is beautiful and the South even more so. If I want to go to Germany or Switzerland I go there, if I want to go to Greece or an Arab country I go there.

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