Italy's new "green economy laws" mandates fines for litter: Have we gone too far to police the people?

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  • There's no excuse

    Litter is a disgrace. There is simply no excuse for it. It is an act of ignorant individuals with no regard for society. Fine's are perfectly acceptable. I think the system should be modified so fines increase every time to punish repeat offenders. 10 fines should be punished by fine and community service. 15 fines should be punished by three months imprisonment.

  • Be an adult and clean up after yourself

    It's funny how cleanliness is something that does not come naturally for some. If it takes a fine to get people to do the right thing then so be it. I have seen countless areas blanketed by litter, simply because someone was too lazy to clean up after themselves. They don't seem to understand that it stays there until someone else has to take the time to clean it. Fines would at least compensate the hard working people who have to pick up the slack.

  • Italy's mandated litter fines may be just the incentive needed to keep their streets clean.

    While Italy's new "green economy laws" may sound a bit drastic, laws without fines are often not enforced. Our global environment has taken a beating over the last few decades. Trash and pollutants thrown into streets often end up in water sources and endangering local wildlife. If people would voluntarily and responsibly dispose of trash and recycling, there would not be a need for these laws in the first place. However, the overall state of our environmental crisis shows that, without laws requiring them to do so, the general population is unlikely to change the behaviors that have led to the pollution we current see littering our streets.

  • No, Italy's littering fines are acceptable.

    Italy's government has the right to make reasonable laws and enforce them. Littering is illegal in many places in the world and fines are imposed in many other countries. Italy has the right to do the same thing. If people don't litter they won't be fined - it's really quite simple.

  • No, littering can be harmful for the environment and is an eyesore; it is a practice that should be discouraged.

    Imposing a fine discourages people from littering. Littering can harm the environment if animals eat or get into garbage. It is also an eyesore for locals and tourists, which Italy has a lot of. The idea of imposing a fine for littering is not new around the world, and many countries like Canada or Singapore already have adopted such laws. Lastly, the money made from collecting fines can also be a means for revenue for the government.

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