Italy's Prime Minister Enrico Letta resigned. Was this a good move for the Italian government?

  • He was ineffective.

    Yes, it was a good move for the Italian government that Prime Minister Enrico Letta resigned, because he was not an effective leader financially. Letta's financial leadership of the country was poor, and he led his party into bankruptcy. Finances are a big, important matter when it comes to government, so it was a smart move to let someone else take over.

  • Yes, Italy will prosper with a reformer as Prime Minister

    The resignation of Enrico Letta should clear the way for a
    new era of progress and reform. His successor, Matteo Renzi, is likely to
    institute radical changes that may perhaps get the Italian economy moving
    again. The new prime minister may also sweep away the last vestiges of the political
    scandals that have been plaguing Italy for decades. Mr. Renzi is the face of a
    new generation, and he promises a clean new style of government in Italy.

  • Must be a reason

    People do not just resign because they feel the need to, or because they are bored of the job - he resigned for the right reasons and deserved to do so. Italy has had a number of economic and social issues recently, as has much of Europe, and he clearly took the brunt of this.

  • Did not want to be there

    In order for a government to be very successful, they need a leader that is very proactive, and wants to push the country to becoming very strong and wealthy. If a man is wanting to resign, then let him, and get someone in there who wants to lead the country.

  • Anyone Was Better than Berlusconi

    Anyone at the head of the Italian government was better than Sylvio Berlusconi. Unfortunately, Enrico Letta lasted less than a year in office. Berlusconi was more concerned about lavish sex parties than the prosperity of average Italians. Now, Latta's backers abandoned him for Matteo Renzi in a power struggle for the head of Italy's government. Hopefully the governmental crisis ends now and Renzi's party can govern in peace.

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