Its easy for the happy people to almost blindly accept the belief that things are meant to be. But are we really meant to be?

Asked by: steffon66
  • Things aren't "meant to be" per say, only destined.

    No, my argument is godless. No, I do not come from any religion. But I believe the multiverse exists, and within one multiverse there are an infinite number of universes, or worlds. Our existence/perception of everything around us is axiomatic evidence of other possible worlds. Inside one universe is a set of physical and mathematical laws. We happen to be in one specific universe goverened by one specific set of quantum laws. Eveything in this universe is bound by those laws, and we cannot escape them. Not everything is "meant to be" in the religious or casual sense, but some things are predestined. It is not that the future doesn't exist, we are just simply unaware of it. And when it occurs, it joins the past. The universes we are in are already laid out for us quantum mechanically. We just have to figure out which universe we were born into.

  • Things are not, in an objective sense "meant to be"

    What is "meant to be" is made up by human beings. That being said people who say that what ever happens is "meant to be" usually aren't thinking of the implications. They are saying that murder, rape, genocide, child abuse, world hunger, dying of terrible diseases, and dementia are all meant to be.

    If it's "meant to be" then I suppose they wouldn't fix it if an opportunity came along, except then they would just say the opportunity was "meant to be". So in the end saying "Everything is the way it is meant to be" says absolutely nothing at all.

  • Kids are not meant to starve and get raped etc.

    People say their lives have meaning which i might agree with if goodness triumphed over evil. I might beileve it if they ended hunger for children. I might believe it if kids werent born and then killed by cancer just a few years later only knowing misery and suffering. Obviously these things are random. If not we have a cruel peace of crap god that doesnt deserve to rule over us. All of these things are things that good people should want to do something about. These good people say anything is possible with god. They claim to know god. They cant end hunger or almost any of the main problems with the world. Therefor its remedial to say anything is possible for humans as long as they have god. The bible says gods all powerful and that certain people had god and were defeated by technology. Lol clearly things are random.

  • Cause and effect,

    Not random or fate. Things commonly felt to be random or fate are actually just the result of a cause.
    One of the main principles in chaos theory is based around the butterfly effect. Basically that a hurricane in China can result from a butterfly flapping its wings in New Mexico. Thing is, the butterfly flapping it's wings would have always happened because the events that caused the butterfly to flap it's wings happened. Not only does every effect have a cause but that cause also has other things that caused them. Because we can not change events of the past makes their effect unstoppable. This means that there was always going to be a hurricane because everything that lead to it have happened as well as the things that lead to those events have happened. It is all inevitable. Many people think they can stop what is inevitable, fact is, that only means that their interference was also inevitable as what caused them to interfere also happened in the past.
    This does not mean that everything is a matter of fate because that implies some supernatural force taking an active role in causing or preventing. Seeing that these supernatural forces do not exist, their is no intent behind cause and effect. People may decide to do something but their decision is still part of cause and effect as their own past determines what action they would take.
    Basically, things are not "meant to be" but happen because they were always going to happen.

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