It's March Madness: Is America too obsessed with sports?

  • America WILL fall like Rome because of people's obsession with sports.

    It's safe to say almost 100% of the population of the United States are obsessed with sports. Like sports is their religion. Sports are nothing but entertainment and distraction from the pressing issues that plagued the world. Sports is a waste of BOTH time and public money. Mankind will not advance as a result of sports, instead can only advance because of education and research. America's education system that's still stuck on the 18th century - tells kids that participating in sports is the best bet to become successful. How come? And more American kids, and even grown ups, are increasingly want to be involved in professional sports via college and high school sports academys. And that's because Americans are backward society, thinking that entertainment - including sports - are all they need to survive. Look at the SuperBowl. That's the image of what's going wrong in America. 100000+ of people crowd into the stadium during the Superbowl. And it's not just Superbowl and the NFL. The same picture is applied to NBA, MLB, NHL, NASCAR and WWE. Plus hundreds of millions obsessively watched them on TV. And the cost of organising all these pro sports events are beyond ridiculous - don't get me started!!!! But when it comes to society's pressing issues like global warming, aging infrastructure, backwards education system and swelling student debt - these same population doesn't even care. All they care is the scores in the NFL, NHL, NBA and MLB. The #1 reason why people buy newspapers is because there's a sports section. Newspapers without sports section, they won't buy.

    Looking at the standardised math/science/reading tests, no wonder America is falling behind many other countries such as Singapore, Finland, China and India. When American kids see that their peers in Singapore and Finland doing better than them, it's a no big deal. But when they see kids from two giant economies - China and India - performing better, it's a WAKE UP CALL dude. Even kids from China and India live like grown-up adults and working hard to become the next Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Warren Buffett and Bill Gates. In the United States, the opposite: Grown-up adults behave like kids and want to become the next Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods and Danica Patrick. While China and india are racing not just to put a man on Mars and beyond, but to build a permanent colony there; America is still stuck on Earth, arguing who will become the greatest sporting nation on Earth.

  • Sports mentality is considered kool 2 be! :(

    It's not sports that's the problem but the mentality of *My crap is better then you're crap* which in combination of the dumbing down of our education system since the 1950s where we no longer question our government then we get this *sports mentality* image in all areas of life.

    You can see this same mentality in the entertainment industry where people cuss each other out and name call like *Dumb ass* because a new user doesn't agree with the majority of users or has something to add that's different line of thinking.

    The *Sports Mentality* also spreads into politics which every single politician comes out a multi billionaire while our US Constitution at least what little is left of it is used as a door mat.

    Thank goodness we at least have our guns or we would be fooked and the powers to be know this which is why they remain in the shadows but if you go to the right sources and foreign newspapers you can get more truth about America then in America.

  • Americans have sacrificed their ambitions on the Altar of Sports

    The vast majority of of American high schools are focused on two priorities: teachers unions and sports. American private schools are able to focus on sports. Sports teams and sporting facilities keep colleges solvent. Intelligence is ridiculed by popular kids and hip adults. In popular American society it is far too common for the man on the street to be ignorant of math, science, politics, and religion. Ask those same people a sports question, and you'll get much better results.

  • America is way too obsessed with sports

    We have to many people who sit on the couch instead of going to church on Sundays like people used to do every Sundays. Sports have taken over the United States. People need to do more thing than sit on the couch and eat food while the football game is going on. People need to get exercise instead of sitting on the couch. This is why the United states is falling apart. Many people are getting fat by this.

  • Yes, America is obviously obsessed with sports

    I find it hard to believe that I even need to offer supporting evidence of this.
    -When universities dish out more money in sports related scholarships than academic scholarships
    -When universities spend hundreds of millions on maintaining athletic facilities rather than improving buildings related to academics,
    -When murderers, thugs, cheaters, and liars are paid hundreds of thousands, but more often millions, of dollars to do "play"
    -When being good at sports is more important than being intelligent and building good character
    -Yes, this list could definitely go on, but I will stop
    -I feel it is more than obvious that this nation has an unhealthy obsession with sports, and a bad set of values.

  • Look at the Super bowl.

    Americans are extremely obsessed with sports. For instance, one can look at the Super Bowl, which is the most anticipated sporting event of the year. For advertisers to even have their commercials played during the event, costs the companies millions of dollars. This goes to show how obsessed people can be.

  • America is WAY too obsessed with sports. (Btw, the other person is on the wrong side)

    Anyway, we are way to obsessed with sports. I don't see any spelling bee matches or math olympiads on the television every sunday. NOOO, it's always a sport, may it be basketball or football or even hockey. It's crazy that millions upon millions of people watch the superbowl every year, and that americans have made this big giant deal out of it. It's like superbowl sunday is our new national holiday.

  • Sports are entertaining to many people.

    No, I don't think that Americans are too obsessed with sports. I dislike sports and don't even try to understand them, but some people really do enjoy them, and I think that is a good thing. Sports are entertaining to many people, just as other things are entertaining to people not interested in sports. It's definitely not a bad thing.

  • No, it's an escape from the daily grind.

    March Madness is just a means for people to unwind after a long day at work. It also provides a fun, and healthy way for people to get excited. It also helps bring people together that would otherwise not have a reason to congregate. Lastly, it allows alumni to cheer for their alma mater. Go Harvard!

  • Yes, America is too obsessed with sports.

    America is way too obsessed with sports. You have fall football, spring baseball, tennis, golf, even bowling. People are so overweight because they sit in from of the tube, become couch potatoes and watch, yes, sports. They should be going out and playing sports, and America should be encouraging this.

  • The United States is a competitive nation.

    The United States is known the world over as a competitive nation. From academics to sports, we are known as a nation in which being number one is highly respected. Healthy competition in and of itself, whether it is through sports or other outlets, is not bad. It is a demonstrative evidence that goal setting, hard work and discipline are rewarding. America just needs to be cautious that it does not follow in the path of ancient Roman society, in which sports became an unhealthy obsession that eventually contributed to the empire's downfall.

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