It's not all about clean energy: Do we put enough energy into clean water?

  • Yes We Do

    Even in my rural town much time and money is spent on providing clean water. I believe we put enough money into this system and there is no need to adjust either up or down in this department. Water is important to everyone but that doesn't mean money should be wasted.

  • It is just as important.

    No, we do not put enough energy into clean water, because it is so vital. If our water goes bad, we lose our livelihood so fast. If we have cleaner energy, our quality of life might increase a little bit. But water is crucial. Improving water access in third-world countries is one of the best ways to improve the quality of life.

  • No, we need to further our efforts in providing more accessible clean water.

    We do not currently provide enough opportunities for people to have access to clean water. It is my understanding that water is fundamental; while we can live for quite awhile with little to no food, water is an essential part of life. Many diseases are water-borne, ranging from amoebic dysentery to several parasites. Without clean water, we run the risk of illness, injury, infection, and death. Therefore, we must put more energy into providing access to the cleanest water possible for our populace.

  • Things are changing, but is it too late?

    Many countries, including the USA have spent time and money on focusing energies to cleaning and maintaining water supplies around the world, however a lot more needs to be done. Many places in the world still have very little clean surface water, and there are places where river pollution is still high and it is hurting humans and animals alike. Any change for the better is good change, but a whole lot more needs to be done for sustainability in the future.

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