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Posted by: Batmangeek75

You've got it backward. It's actually not okay to be progressive.

  Conservatives believe in having a strong society centered around the family unit. People with socially conservative values were very prominent in labor unions in the 1900s. Conservatives do not pander to criminals like Fentanyl Floyd and they do not support abortion. It does not normalize delusional individuals (trans people). They do not have a breakdown over a single word (the n word) and they want a society with a strong and cohesive bond that will last long into the future. They do not support idiotic policies like mass immigration, They prefer to uplift their fellow citizens instead. Also, The most important part is that conservatives are not racist and do not hate white people like progressives do.
Stonks_and_Ethics says2021-06-23T12:36:43.847
You are not very intelligent are you
Batmangeek75 says2021-06-23T14:57:34.443
No, He is not. Conservatives can't comprehend just how cruel and anti-life they really are.
Batmangeek75 says2021-06-23T16:45:36.573
Every single time cops kill a black person, Conservatives side with the cops. Every. Single. Time. The cops would have to say the N word to be condemned because conservatives have to set the bar so astronomically high in hope that we don't catch on. Right wingers are so naive.
drivergroundbreaking says2021-06-25T04:33:25.683
Blacks use n word among themselves, Why can't everyone else?
TacoMan12 says2021-06-25T22:22:16.047
Of course the low iq poop brains cannot logically counter anything I've said so they start commenting nonsense
Batmangeek75 says2021-06-25T23:25:42.953
Watch Vaush and Destiny's content. Do they seem low IQ to you?
Stonks_and_Ethics says2021-06-26T01:45:24.840
Stonks_and_Ethics says2021-06-26T01:46:18.847
Sorry that was my girlfriend trying to be annoying
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