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Posted by: Batmangeek75

Conservatism equals harming others.

  Conservative values entail forcing rape victims to give birth to the rapist's child if she conceived. Conservative values entail banning love between same-sex or interracial couples. Conservatism entails thinking trans people are degenerate. Conservatism entails spitting on the lives black victims of police brutality in an attempt to justify it. "George Floyd was no angel" Guess what? That doesn't matter because under our legal system, You have a right to a trial by jury. You don't get to kill someone for past or current criminal offenses if they aren't a threat to your life. This is doubly true for the Breona Taylor case. When conservatives get word of a black death at the hands of police, They ask "Did the cops say the N word? No? Yes! That means we get to obfuscate matters in an attempt to let the cop go free and make the murder seem justified. "Are black schools and communities underfunded? Just move, Bro! " Are you homeless? Just buy a house, Bro! " <<< To give you an idea of the stupidity of conservative logic.
MrFarRight says2021-06-20T20:20:35.657
I forgive you for your words for you know not what you speak
Ihsieman says2021-06-21T08:13:51.997
Couldn't this have been, It's okay to be conservative, And then answer no?
Ihsieman says2021-06-21T08:15:25.533
Bro! " Are you homeless? Just buy a house, Bro! ", I don't think any conservative has ever seriously said that.
brodiescott76 says2021-06-21T11:58:40.100
Imagine thinking you have to move to change schools. Someone doesnt have kids.
brodiescott76 says2021-06-21T12:00:09.503
The picture on the left is a Democrat by the way lol. And literally no one is forced to work in the US unless youre in prison.
Batmangeek75 says2021-06-21T17:38:22.517
Expecting people to just move if their community is impoverished is about as stupid as telling a homeless person to just buy a house.

The point is companies expect people to work for low wages and little to no benefits. You're attempting to move the goal post by making it a matter of involuntary labor which isn't the point.

Imagine believing all schools in your area don't have the same general level of quality or underfunded education. Someone doesn't have a brain.
brodiescott76 says2021-06-21T22:26:09.930
Again, "imagine thinking you have to move to switch schools".

People are responsible for the value of their own labour. People with valuable labour aren't expected to work for low wages. The meme literallt shoes a picture of a man telling another hes forcing him to work. How am I moving the goalposts?

Have some kids man. It will boraden you. I live in the great country of Canada (where we have school choice) my kids have the option to go to about 8 different schools. All in our district with varying degrees of quality.
brodiescott76 says2021-06-21T23:02:32.543
I think this is a textbook example of the "the left can't meme" stereotype.
Batmangeek75 says2021-06-23T00:06:51.237
You're adding to the stereotype that the right can't think. Oh, Wait. That's not a stereotype. That's reality.
Batmangeek75 says2021-06-23T00:07:45.727
As evident by the fact that you interpreted the right image in the most literal way possible yet again.
brodiescott76 says2021-06-23T10:20:51.100
Yeah, Stupid me for reading words and assoiating those words with their correct meaning.
Batmangeek75 says2021-06-23T14:55:37.710
"I read words and associate those words with their correct meaning. That's why I didn't address the latter words about workers being forced to work for low wages and often no benefits. Instead I interpreted it as people being forced to work as chattel slaves in the modern day. It's not like people have to work and accept these conditions or they'll be homeless and die or something" Yeah, You're very good at reading arguments if I have to spell it out to you.
brodiescott76 says2021-06-23T15:26:50.427
The meme itself is less humerous than the fact that you don't even understand it The reality that people have to work to live has existed since the beginning of human history, Suggesting its conservatives forcing people to do so is just silly. When you put a sign on your lawn offering $5 for anyone to cut your grass, Youre not forcing people to cut your grass. Maybe the market will tell you to kick rocks and youll have to do it yourself, Or maybe youll attract someone who needs $5. If the latter happens, That person has 5 more dollars than they did had you not placed the sign.

The meme is literally comparing slave owners to buisness owners and slaves to workers under a conservative owner/boss. Do I need to go into an in depth explanation about how juxtaposition works?
Batmangeek75 says2021-06-23T16:25:06.540
The meme is comparing slave owners who expect people to work against their will and self-interest to modern day corporations who expect people to work for 7. 25 an hour and no benefits. The point being made is that conservatives engage in immoral business practices that act against the interests of humanity, You stupid f**k. Read a book. I'll throw the whole damn library at you.

Proven fact, The more educated you are, The more Democratic and progressive you tend to be. And conservatives knowing full well that they have no factual or logical counters to data, Education, And research instead claim academia is controlled by elites conspiring to destroy the west and white people. Who are the elites? Is it the Jews? What f***ing loons, Conservatives are.
brodiescott76 says2021-06-23T17:33:49.597
Right but the person on the left isnt a conservative and the person on the right isnt engaging in an immoral buisness practice lol. How long have you been working? Or do you work?

Also a proven fact. Education does not equal intelligence. And even if it did, Being educated and intelligent doesnt necessarily make you useful as a member of society. Conscientiousness, Integrity, Honesty are all important qualities. Its funny that you just used the word progressive like it wasnt an insult at this point.

Have you seen the kind of garbage coming out of the universities lately? Do a little google search into "white accountability groups", The concept of grades are racist, And the discrimination of Asians based on equitable policy, Examples like the evergreen university protests. Elites would be considered wealthy people removed from the concerns of the working class yet seek to implement restrictions on the working class.
Batmangeek75 says2021-06-24T16:27:32.750
What do you think slave owners called themselves? Progressives? They wanted to preserve the old system of chattel slavery. That makes them conservatives. The Democratic Party is not the same as it once was. I haven't seen you throw any substantial rebuttals to that. We don't determine the validity of political parties based on historical precedent. We determine that based on what they offer today. And today, The KKK and neo-nazis gravitate toward Trump and the Republicans, Not Democrats. Why do you think that is?

Education and intelligence are linked because the IQ gap between whites and blacks has gotten smaller in areas that have received better education over time. The conservative brain rejects academia and intellectualism which encompasses a refusal to adapt or evolve. Dem's the facts.

Paying your workers 7. 25 an hour is an immoral practice because people blow through that in no time at all and that's if you're being conservative with it.

The Elites you describe are the corporations and Republicans who don't want to raise the minimum wage, Want to decrease taxes on the rich while raising them on the poor and the proletariat. I'm sure I could find dog whistle quotes from rich conservatives complaining about worker unions if I tried. What's sad is there are poor conservatives who cuck themselves by believing the Republican's feigned pro worker stance.
Batmangeek75 says2021-06-24T16:55:54.597
Poor conservatives are a useful tool for the right.
Groot2025 says2021-07-06T17:24:47.987
"We don't determine the validity of political parties based on historical precedent. " and yet you bitch and moan about slavery, Which you have never seen and dealt with first hand or even know of someone that has, You get you "facts" from books that have been white washed or stories that are slanted. . . . . . Yes it IS okay to be a conservative just has much as a progressive, Dem or repub. . . . . You know what happens when you have a one party rule? Read a book on 1930's Germany and learn something. . . . And to judge ALL conservatives as the same shows you're the problem
Batmangeek75 says2021-07-06T20:13:17.533
We acknowledge slavery and its after effects on black communities in the U. S. Because it is the primary cause of the generational poverty. What does that have to do with determining the validity of a political party?
Groot2025 says2021-07-08T15:53:32.530
You acknowledge slavery. . . More like use slavery as an excuse for your own failures. . . . . Every people had it hard at one time or other. . . . They dusted themselves off and moved forward you on the other hand sat down, Hand out whine. . . .
Batmangeek75 says2021-07-08T17:55:24.457
Okay, You're obviously inarticulate because I have no idea what point you're trying to make and how it relates to modern politics. Read a book.
Groot2025 says2021-07-08T19:41:01.343
Oh, You know what I mean. . . . . Put it real simple so you can understand. . . . Stop blaming the world for your failures. . . Am sure you had to look up inarticulate
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