• Conservatism equals harming others.

    Conservative values entail forcing rape victims to give birth to the rapist's child if she conceived. Conservative values entail banning love between same-sex or interracial couples. Conservatism entails thinking trans people are degenerate. Conservatism entails spitting on the lives black victims of police brutality in an attempt to justify it. "George Floyd was no angel" Guess what? That doesn't matter because under our legal system, You have a right to a trial by jury. You don't get to kill someone for past or current criminal offenses if they aren't a threat to your life. This is doubly true for the Breona Taylor case. When conservatives get word of a black death at the hands of police, They ask "Did the cops say the N word? No? Yes! That means we get to obfuscate matters in an attempt to let the cop go free and make the murder seem justified.

    "Are black schools and communities underfunded? Just move, Bro! " Are you homeless? Just buy a house, Bro! " <<< To give you an idea of the stupidity of conservative logic.

  • Conservatives are deceptive

    The culture in the United States has continuously moved to the left for at least the last 300 years. I base this off on a multitude of issues that at one time were clearly held by the progressive side of the political landscape and opposed by conservatives. All those issues are now supported by the mainstream establishment. And over time conservatives came to support all but the newest ones.

    Some notable examples:
    -Expansion of voting rights
    -Gay marriage
    -Affirmative action

    Some of those things are what today's conservative look as part of their core values. For example voting rights for women. At the time it was pushed through, Conservatives were strongly against it.
    Now you would be hard pressed to find any Republican in the senate to even toy with the idea of removing voting rights for women.
    We see similar pattern with gay marriage, When it was passed through the supreme court under the Obama Administration, The majority of conservatives were staunchly against it. Now a new gallop poll reveals that now a majority of Republican voters are in favor of gay marriage.

    Conclusion: Conservatives "conserve" nothing, Over time they just give up every single position they have previously held.
    So what is a conservative who doesn't conserve anything?

    Even worse, It creates the illusion of having real choice, When in reality, As I have demonstrated, Over time and with the occasional hiccups, It clearly goes only one way. The actual function of conservatives isn't to conserve, But to conceal that the US is a one party state.

  • Spot on, Completely spot on.

    To add to this, Our legal system finds people INNOCENT before proven GUILITY. You cannot legally assume that somebody committed a crime. Conservatives also follow very, Very bigoted and racist viewpoints, Just go and watch Steven Crowders bit on black farmers, Its horrendous. Not only are they racists, They're liars too. A lot of Republicans in the senate LIED about trying to pass a COVID stimulus bill, But they only took credit because acceptance of it was so high!

  • Conservatism is a political opinion.

    That's it. Being conservative is an opinion people have the right to have. I myself am not conservative but you must recognize that no political ideology or sect is perfect, There are pros and cons to them all, And it is the people's natural right to individually choose which one they prefer. If the original statement was reversed, I would say the exact same thing. It's ok to be a conservative. It's ok to be a progressive. It's ok to be a republican. It's ok to be a democrat. It's ok to be a libertarian. It's ok to be a socialist. It's ok to be a communist.

  • It is okay to be conservative, Possibly more so than a liberal

    This debate is just flat out idiotic, It is okay to be conservative. You are probably one of those people who say that white people should all be slaughtered for what they have done to black people over 150 years ago; maybe you should take notice of your ignorance. The poster of this debate probably also has intentionally cut his penis off and now identifies as a woman. It almost feels as if liberals can have even more ridiculous views than conservative views.

  • Conservative view are a set back to humanity.

    The actual definition of conservative is 'averse to change or innovation' without those things will accomplish nothing as a species. Plus with should be teaching our kids to learn innovate and find better ways of doing thing that we do in our day to day lives and I think conservative way of thinking prevents us from doing that.

  • Being Conservative is more "okay" than being liberal.

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  • You've got it backward. It's actually not okay to be progressive.

    Conservatives believe in having a strong society centered around the family unit. People with socially conservative values were very prominent in labor unions in the 1900s. Conservatives do not pander to criminals like Fentanyl Floyd and they do not support abortion. It does not normalize delusional individuals (trans people). They do not have a breakdown over a single word (the n word) and they want a society with a strong and cohesive bond that will last long into the future. They do not support idiotic policies like mass immigration, They prefer to uplift their fellow citizens instead. Also, The most important part is that conservatives are not racist and do not hate white people like progressives do.

  • Let's unpack these one at a time:

    "Conservative values entail forcing rape victims to give birth to the rapist's child if she conceived. "

    This is not what the conservative viewpoint is. The conservative viewpoint on this issue is that "the child of a rape victim should not be sentenced to capital punishment for the crime committed by the father". Conservatives feel horrible about people being raped, Just like liberals do. But they believe that "two wrongs don't make a right".

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Innocent says2021-06-27T14:20:41.663
Flip it the other way, The left believes that it is okay to take the money that you make. Lets talk about what that means. What do you call a system where you are not allowed to reap the benefits of the fruit of your labor? Did anyone yell out slavery? That is correct! In point of fact here are some of the things that the slave masters said about their slaves.

1 ) That they were 'taking care of' a bunch of people that were incapable of taking care of themselves.
2 ) They provided shelter, Food, And medical needs for their. . . Ummm. . . Property.
3 ) They made things 'fair' for their property by making sure that they all lived in the same lovely living conditions.

The Left would have you believe that they are so much more. . Progressive. But the truth is that they are marching people toward the Plantation using wonderful words to do so. Namely that everyone will be taken care of, That they will have everything provided for them, That they will make things 'fair'.

We look at lions caged in animal enclosures and feel remiss. Yet this is the act that the left wishes to do with people economically.

Freedom has a price to be paid. It means that you do not have the comforts of the zoo keepers providing a meal every 8 hours. That you have to travel vast tracks of land in order to provide for yourself. That things can get REALLY bad before they get better.

If anything being a Conservative means that you are MOST concerned with the rights of others.

Lets take abortion for instance. Many would say it is that you are attempting to trample the rights of the 'mother' and squash her into a roll in which they have no choice. However if you consider that the ONLY method by which new people can currently be born into the world all come from the same method ( Reproduction ) and that it is a NATURAL result of the choice of sex, And that less than 1% of all abortions are due to rape, That the question of WHEN do we say that a fetus has some kind of 'right' in our society SHOULD be a natural and important conversation. I have heard some 'Liberals' suggest that a baby is a still a fetus until up to a year after birth and that you should still be able to 'abort' it after it is separate from the mother.

Hence suggesting that you should not have people who are worried about Slavery, Or the casual disregard of the reproductive method in which people are added to the world. Is not simply foolish but patently insane. Which is all too often the thing that worries me about people who are not 'Conservative'.

One of the mistakes most people make about Conservatives is the fact they the Left uses easy to fool you strategies such as saying that they want to eliminate Poverty and then propose s bunch of ideas that they think would help. Conservatives are not rejecting the idea that lifting people out of Poverty is not a WONDERFUL thing but that the methods and concepts floated by the left to do so would march more people toward the Plantation and ultimately lead to MORE problems as they are addressing the symptom of poverty rather than the cause!

Or they say they want to eliminate 'Racism' in which they propose systems that would reward or penalize people based on their race! Which unfortunately is the very definition of systematizing racism!

However they then point a finger and yell that if you do not agree with the INSANE idea of rewarding or punishing someone based on the idea of race that you then 'racist' which is the exact opposite of being racist!

No, Not only is it okay to be a Conservative I wish more people thought through the inane jabbering's of the 'left' and saw it for the terribly authoritarian system that it is. One that gives the appearance of progress, While all the while holding the shackles of slavery until you reach the 'promised land' of milk and honey they say is just around the corner.

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