• Yes they should

    Short people are useless. They are easily stepped on and tend to be very annoying to us superior giants. Short people suffer from short mans syndrome, making them very annoying and dominant, therefore they should be discriminated against to the highest extent. If you disagree with my prior statements you are merely sympathizing with inferior human beings.

  • It's not, BUT

    If a short guy comes up to me and gives me shit, I'm gon roast his short ass from above - I'm 6'4. I think america is pretty much the only country to discriminate short people. I'mm from europe and I never saw it happen before. Girls don't want tall guys, besides America

  • Of Course Not

    Just because a person is short doesn't mean they deserve to be discriminated against. There's no natural way for a short person to become taller (considering if they grew to their maximum height already). No matter what, a short person is short, and a tall person is tall. They both have their pros and cons. There's really no reason for someone who is short to be bullied in terms of their height.

    (By the way, the picture you posted is a horrible example considering it's only a child who can be in Grade 3 or 4 standing near adolescents who can be in high school.)

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