It's time to boycott 'white' again: Do you agree with celebrities' call to boycott the 'Lily White Oscars'?

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  • Celebrities speak...Therefore it is...

    20 simple, practical thoughts pulled from my 'black hole' (warning...Includes 'some' sarcasm):
    1. The pool of minorities is small (go figure), the pool of minority actors is smaller, the pool of A-star minority actors is a raindrop...But I suppose what constitutes 'A-star' is based on 'white'...Right?
    2. Maybe this year had tough competition
    3. Maybe of the few movies with minority stars, the stars didn't actually do an Oscar-winning performance?
    4. Because all the winners were 'white' therefore it was biased/racist?
    5. We should select/nominate more minorities so things aren't perceived to be so 'white'
    6. We should change the Oscar nomination criteria to foster diversity
    7. Because we all know 'white' only votes for 'white'
    8. If we had more minorities in the voting body, then more minorities can win (screw performance)
    9. The winners didn't turn out as we expected, therefore it was biased/racist
    10. Screw random sampling, I want to see exactly the same amount of every race in a governing/voting body
    11. At least two celebrities said we should boycott the Oscars...Everything they say is true and we should do it
    12. Who cares about performance recognition...It's all about what I think I see
    13. It's not probable that only white actors won from a largely 'white' pool of nominations
    14. Did anyone actually ask why one actor/film won over another? No? It's fun to point...
    15. Did someone actually overturn a majority of votes to show favor? Oh...No one asked that either...
    16. I see mostly 'white' is this white majority population...There must be deep-rooted diversity issues in this country
    17. It's biased/racist to be held to 'white' standards, so adding more minorities for the sake of inclusion will fix this (nah, that's not racist in of itself...You're racist if you think otherwise)
    18. I'm so sick and tired of being enslaved, beaten, and oppressed with all these millions of dollars and a country that tolerates me speaking out against everything it's offered me...'white' makes me sick
    19. We need to be more diverse...So long as it doesn't include 'white'...Article quoting Pickett Smith: "Let's let the academy do them, with all grace and love. And let's do us differently." Really???
    20. My give-a-$%# meter is running on empty...I must be biased/racist.

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