Ivory trading: Should the present international ban on trading elephant ivory be lifted?

  • Why ban it if people are still going to do it?

    Humans have the natural desire to break rules especially when certain actions tend to benefit them. Why not just control the amount of elephants being killed or decide at what age we could remove their tusks. We could easily remove the tusks off of an older elephant allowing them to finish reproducing so that decrease in population won't be a problem.

  • The ban should stay in place.

    The present international ban on trading elephant ivory should stay in place, not be lifted. Poaching is a serious issue and lifting the ban will only increase the amount of poaching done. Lifting the ban will also increase the amount of elephants being kill, leading them do be on the endangered species list and eventually becoming extinct.

  • No! Lifting the ban would be a death sentence for elephants.

    Absolutely not! If the ban on trading ivory is lifted, even more of these majestic animals will be slaughtered for their tusks. They should be protected. There is no need for ivory for medical purposes, people simply want it for it's beauty. You can purchase very realistic fake ivory if you want it in your home. Lifting the ban would have horrible impact on elephants world wide.

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