J. Cole secretly married: Should J. Cole have told his fans he was married sooner?

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  • Why should he have to?

    It's his own personal business, why should he have to tell his fans every little detail of his life? I understand that he's a popular rap figure in today's music industry but that doesn't mean he needs to share that kind of news. Let the man live his life in some secrecy.

  • No real point

    A private life is a private life. If J. Cole decided not to tell his fans he was married until he did for a specific reason, that is between he and his wife. To assume that just because you idolize some famous person you've never met should need to give you daily updates on their life is asinine.

  • Silence is virtue

    Granted, once in the spotlight one must except that fans will take an acute if not unreasonable interest in one's personal life. If that is over the top for someone, don't go into entertainment. On the other hand, no one is OBLIGED to inform the public of their personal lives. The focus should be on the work, not on what happens in private.

  • When You Want Your Matter Private

    Why do we feel that we need to know all about every one's private issues? Once you hit celebrity status, your privacy is much tougher to hide and more importantly it is much more impressive when you do! J.Cole owed NOTHING to his fans when it comes to anything outside his talent, as we are accustomed to thinking we need to know everything about everyone. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all forms of social media are often stalked by fans and feel then become a part of someone's life just by taking in the images that are provided by the individuals and the paparazzi themselves. It is frankly, none of our business and to share news of that magnitude should be allowed only by the parties involved! Who cares...married or not, he's talented!

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