J.J. Watt is out until at least December. Does this doom the Texans' chances for the playoffs?

  • Yes, this dooms the Texans' chances for the playoffs.

    Yes, this dooms the Texans' chances for the playoffs because Watt is by far the best player on the team. He is the hear of soul of their defense, and they recently suffered a devastating loss to the Patriots. They will not be able to focus enough without him to make the playoffs.

  • Yes, I think so.

    Remember that sound bite with JJ ragging on that Saints lineman last year..? Yep isn't it interesting when you end up with an injury that will limit you throughout the rest of your career. A serious disk/back injury will never heal to make you 100%. JJ will never be the same. He will have bursts of success, but sadly his best days are behind him now. Not sure most people would see this as a huge loss for the NFL.

  • Yes, this dooms the Texans chances for the playoffs.

    Yes, this dooms the Texans chances for the playoffs. The Texans already looked like a mediocre team even with JJ Watt. Now, they are definitely going to be exposed and start to lose a lot of games. This Texans team does not have a chance to make the playoffs without JJ Watt.

  • The Texans have no hope

    J.J. Watt is a promising young player for the Houston Texans. However, he has injured himself again, which puts him out of the game until at least December. Because Watt is so talented, the Houston Texans are in a tough spot. They are unlikely to make the playoffs if they are missing one of their most talented players.

  • He's just one player.

    Sure he's probably the best player in the NFL, but football is a team sport. And the way the rest of the division is playing, i like their chances. They've got a stronger offense with Brock osweiler, Lamar miller, and Deandre Hopkins. If they just play consistently, they'll be fine. How far they go in the playoffs is a debate for another day.

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