J.R.R. Tolkein inspired by World War I battlefields: Should authors receive inspiration from war?

  • I completely agree.

    In my opinion, no topic should really be off limits when it comes to artistic expression. Art on touchy topics is still really useful. It expresses truly emotional stories, it's a good way for the artists to express themselves, and it can teach people about situations they are unfamiliar with. In this specific instance, J.R.R. Tolkien can take his readers into his shoes and show him what he experienced. Art is a powerful way to show others your experiences.

  • Yes i agree.

    I strongly support this. Authors should receive inspiration from war. Therefore, J.R.R Tolkein did the right thing to inspire the world War one battlefields. He was actually was inspired by time spent on the blood-soaked battlefield. War had caught him at 22, marking the end of the world as his generation knew it.

  • I think authors should be allowed to recieve inspiration from anything

    J.R.R. Tolkein being inspired by World War I battlefields is not a crime or abnormal. Most authors write from or are inspired by what they know or have experienced. There shouldn't be any objections as to where an author get their inspiration. That is the beauty of literature and art.

  • It is life.

    Most authors write about the things that they know. Wars are very disturbing. Even if a person hasn't fought in one himself, he still lived through the social and cultural agony of seeing a war pass before their eyes. Real life events give authors real experience and feelings to work into their stories.

  • Yes, authors should be able to receive inspiration from how war has affected them.

    Yes, authors should be able to receive inspiration from how war has affected them. War is an enduring feature of human civilization. It is completely fair that authors be able to receive inspiration from war. This inspiration can be used for nefarious means, but it can also be used in the interest of peace.

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