Jaguars can crush skulls: Is the Jaguar the most dangerous animal in the Americas?

  • I love jaguars

    Jaguars are my favorite animals that it makes me upset that they are going and trees can the they climb like cats because i really like a jaguar and its very intresting that jaguars are still around and still alive can they soon go extinket it would be cool if they didnt go extinct

  • Jaguars are very dangerous.

    The fact that a jaguar can bite on your skull, instantly crushing it, makes it the most dangerous animal in the Americas today. They do this to get to the brain matter, which to me is very frightful. Any animal that wants to crush your skull to eat your brains instantly becomes the most dangerous animal in my book.

  • The jaguar is the most dangerous animal in America

    I think that by speed and agility alone, the Jaguar will outrun and outkill all other animal in the Americas today. They hunt bigger and faster prey than them, they have no fear of them and will always come out winner in a combat against any other animal in all the Americas.

  • They sound scary, but not even close to this animal..

    Kingdom: Animalia, Phylum: Chordata, Class: Mammalia, Order: Primates, Suborder: Haplorhini, Family: Hominidae, Genus: Homo, Species: Homo spaiens, or commonly known as humans. They are everywhere! They can utilize scary tools and inventions from projectiles, chemicals, and tactics to overwhelm any opponents much stronger and quicker than they are. It has also been seen that they can and will commit homicide of their own species over illogical reasons.

  • Not really sure it is

    I never knew that the Jaguar was a such a lethal predator until now. With that being said, I would never venture too close to one, especially if you consider the likelihood of having your head crushed if you were to cross paths with one. I must admit that at a certain point in time I considered the Grizzly bear to be the most dangerous animal...I guess I've been proven wrong.

  • Most dangerous animal in America

    The most dangerous animal in America should be the one that kills the most people. That would most likely either be some type of bear or mountain lion. According to a KSL news article, the most fatalities from an animal are actually caused by snakes, and next would be dogs.

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