Jails & Prisons in America should be More Humane, Less Hellish,

  • More Humane for Prison Labor,

    More Humane Overall Conditions in Prisons & Jails would make for better Quality Prison Labor,
    If inmates are in good Mental and Physical shape, They would be able to work better, Perform their Prison Jobs Better, Make better Quality Products, Inmates need to be in good Mental and Physical shape in order to Work, Not sure if Jails have Labor like Prison does,

  • If Jails and Prisons truly want to Prevent Suicide, The key is to make things more Humane for Inmates

    Many online articles talk about Suicide Prevention in Jails and Prisons, How to Prevent Suicide among inmates, If the Jails and Prisons truly want to be effective in Preventing Suicide, A good strategy would be to make conditions safer and more Humane for everyone, The ideas we suggested in this debate. Org Question, About making
    Jails & Prisons safer and humane for everyone,
    Talk is cheap, Actions speak louder than words, Jails & Prisons cannot have it both ways, They cannot hope to Prevent Suicide and have hellish violent inhumane conditions for Inmates, While Jails and Prisons should Not be Fun Vacations, They should be somewhat humane, From the Wikipedia article about "Prison Rape" it says
    "Public awareness of common prison rape is a relatively recent development and estimates of its prevalence have varied widely for decades. In 1974, Carl Weiss and David James Friar wrote that 46 million Americans would one day be incarcerated; of that number, They held that 10 million would be raped. [4]"

  • Plus look at the Big Picture

    It won't be easy to Reform Prisons and Jails in America and Worldwide, Making them less hellish and more humane, But it will be worth it, Inmates should have an environment
    Free from Abuse & Violence from Staff, Corrections Officers, And from other inmates, While Jails & Prisons should Not be Fun Vacations, Or someplace people want to go to, It should be a place people want to avoid, But it should still be less hellish and more Humane for Everyone, Staff & Inmates alike, Studies have shown that when Prison & Jail Conditions are Hellish & Violent, When Inmates are released back into Society it sadly often leads to them often becoming violent towards others and committing more crimes and ending up back in Jails and Prison, A vicious cycle. We need to look at the big picture, Make Incarcerations more Humane, It won't be easy, But overall it will help Society
    In 2003 the United States Congress
    Unanimously passed
    The Prison Rape Elimination Act, PREA, It was signed into law by then President
    George W. Bush, Prisons & Jails should be both about Punishment & Rehabilitation

  • Justaserver made a good point, Plus often in Life it is Impossible to Simply "Stay Out of Trouble"

    Not everyone in Jails and Prisons are hardened criminals, Each case is different,
    The sad ugly truth is that often in life it is Impossible to simply
    "Stay out of Trouble" think about tragic examples of people who were violently attacked first and in self-defense accidentally kill or seriously injure the person who attacked them first, And the person who was attacked first gets arrested and goes to Jail or Prison, The person violently attacked first deserves a Humane Jail or Prison Prison Environment, Free from Abuse by Staff, Officers or Fellow inmates,

  • I will keep it simple. The smaller a prison population, The more likely it is that human rights will be respected.

    That being said, America has a massive prison population relative to many other developed countries. The sociology of group control should make it clear that the sheer number of people incarcerated in the US and the proportionally miniscule number of employable prison staff add up to a royal bungle of human rights infringements. I do not feel like I have to cite much evidence for this, As prison overpopulation is a well known issue, And the human rights issues that run tangent to it should be simple to understand.

  • The 8th Amendment is in the Constitution for a Reason

    The Eighth Amendment to the United States Constitution prohibits Cruel and Unusual Punishment, People make mistakes in life, Sometimes innocent people end up in Jails and Prison for crimes that they did Not Commit, Or for Non-Violent offenses or for Victimless Crimes. Plus many people in Jails and Prisons have Mental illness. Jails and Prisons should Never be Fun places that people want to go to, And there should Not be many Comforts in Jails and Prisons, But there needs to be a Proper Balance, To Maintain Law and Order for Society

  • Yes, A Proper Balance

    While America needs Law and Order,
    People make mistakes in life, Sometimes innocent people end up in Jails and Prisons
    In Jails and Prisons in America and Worldwide, Whether in the General population or Protective Custody, Things should be more Humane for Everyone, Inmates, Staff,
    Jails and Prisons should Never be Fun Places or places that anyone wants to go to, It should not be like a Hotel or Country Club
    However it shouldn't be a Hellish Nightmare Either, In General Population or Protective Custody, There should only be one inmate per cell, Plus every cell should have a shower and small bathroom, So inmates would never have to shower together with other inmates, This would greatly reduce Rape and Sexual Assault, And other acts of violence
    Plus all inmates should have access to
    Medical Treatment, Regardless of Ability to pay, Access to Therapy and Medications for Mental illness or whatever Physical illness they have, Dental Care, A Sanitary Environment
    During the day, Both Protective Custody and General Population inmates should be allowed to Socialize and Chat with other inmates or watch TV, But each inmate should have their own average size cell. Only one person per cell, No cellmates, There should always be Security and Correction officers watching the inmates
    24/7 to prevent violence and fights, Altercations among the inmates and make sure everyone is safe, And that Jails/Prisons are a Safe Environment for Everyone, Staff & Inmates alike.
    Jails and Prisons should be Places of Both Punishment & Rehabilitation, So that inmates hopefully never commit crimes again when they are released, So they never end up in Jail or Prison again.

  • Prisons should be eliminated

    There should be a place to hold the arrested until they make bail or are tried but there should be no prisons for punishment.

    Prisons are a moral failure. Human beings should not be subjected to these types of treatment. Indeed, Prisons fail to do what they were intended to do : rehabilitate criminals and reinstate them into common society.

    Punishments should be according to the crime. Good, Long, Hard, Monitored work is a rehabilitative and restitutive. It creates a sense of responsibility and connection with society instead of separation from.

    Violent and non-repentant criminals cannot be rehabilitated. It’s not only a waste of time and a cruel punishment to put them in prison hellholes, It’s a grand waste of money. If a violent criminal can’t be rehabilitated and must be separated from society for the safety of the community, Better to execute them and be done with them so they can never be a threat again.

    Prisons, Especially private prisons are money pits and should be done away with.

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