• In action not just words

    Jainism is the world's most peaceful religion. Unlike others, they talk the talk AND walk the walk. Their scriptures are not laden with condoned murder or direct murder by a god or gods (OT has this as much as Qu'ran). Even Jesus said he did not come to bring peace, but a sword (MATT 10:34). There are no awkward verses that sunday school teachers try to avoid (ethnic cleansing in Canaan, mass genocide/specicide in the Great Flood). Jains believe that animals and plants, as well as human beings, contain living souls. Each of these souls is considered of equal value and should be treated with respect and compassion, unlike other religions with ritual killings and offerings (BBC 2014). As such, they are vegetarians. They try not to even kill a fly - literally! They shoo bugs out instead of killing them. The supreme principle of Jain living is non violence. Jainism is a religion of self-help; there are no gods or spiritual beings that will help human beings (BBC 2014). This prevents people from blaming or using the name of god for their own selfish gains and lusts. And they have no priests to lord over the adherents. Monks and nuns exist, but it is not compulsory to join.

    BTW, I am not pointing solely at Christianity, I am just more familiar with its scripture.

  • Jainism is the best religion in the world

    It supports internal peace and clean mind. It is against non-vegetarian food which makes a human caring to other creatures in the world. It is the religion which is above all in preaching peace. It has non-arguably lowest crime rate. It not only is against non-veg but also against lie, greed and teaches values that are most important to call us humans and a society.

  • Sorry, but Dudeism is the most peaceful.

    We have never started a war, Never gotten into a fist fight about who's religion is better. Don't argue about it most of the time. As long as you are taking er easy, be a dude and don't be a brat or piss on another man's rug; you are right with us.

    Not one time in the history of this planet has a dudist ever started a fight because of his dudeism or dudeism being the fuel for it. We teach takinger er easy, some eastern philosohpies too, but that takes a lot of reading and if you are anything like me, you don't like to read because its work and its boring most of the time so you can ignore all of that if you like! It doesn't really matter! Just do not pee on another man's rug, if you do and it is one of our rugs, we might ask you to buy us a new rug. But other than that. Dudeism is the most peaceful religion.

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