Jake Meyer climbs the highest mountains: Should it be illegal to climb Mount Everest?

  • It should be legal

    It should be legal because some people want to climb mount everest and be happy about themselfs. Not everyone has to climb everst only poeple who want to climb everst. Poeple who are ofered a chance to climb everst can say that they dont want to climb everst at all.

  • Yes, I agree.

    We cannot let everyone go on Everest and die. If they are not physically and mentally fit it will be like a legal suicide, Permits to climb Everest will only be given to those who can prove they have already scaled mountains that are higher than 6,500 metres and that is right. Every year about 600 climbers come to Nepal hoping to reach the summit, creating a multimillion-pound industry and bringing problems of overcrowding.

  • Climbing Mount Everest should be illegal

    Mount Everest is revered as the highest mountain in the world. Because of this, people are eager to summit the peak as a personal accomplishment. Unfortunately, this results in an influx of individuals with no climbing experience, as well as corrupt sherpas eager for a quick buck. This dangerous situation can and should be prevented by making the climb illegal.

  • No, it should not be illegal to climb Mt. Everest.

    Some people love to get out in the outdoors and do something crazy. There are many ways to do that and Mt. Everest is only one of the options that are both thrilling and exciting. This is only one of the reasons that Mt. Everest should not be illegal to climb.

  • No. Climbing Mt. Everest should not be illegal.

    People should be able to do what they want. What about the climbers who love new challenges and have a competitive spirt. What about those who want to try new things. It would be cruel to stop others from accomplish their dreams and goal. So it would not be fair to stop those who want to climb Mt. Everest.

  • It should not be illegal

    If people want to take the risk they should be allowed to. But on the news there have not been many news about deaths on Mt Everest. Also if they do not die they could become famous and be proud of themselves. I think the government should not change anything.

  • Climbing Mount Everest ehances life for many people

    We as humans are compelled to push ourselves and to go beyond our current existence. Despite being dangerous, climbing Mount Everest is a compulsion for many people. These people should be allowed to pursue their passions to live their life to its fullest; just as many others pursue varied interest in their own lives.

  • People can take the risk.

    When people climb Mount Everest, they know the risks involved. There are many people that attempt the climb without being properly trained or experienced. Although these people pay with their lives, there are other people to whom climbing Mount Everest means everything. People should be allowed to take a risk knowing the consequences.

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