Jamaica proposes marijuana dispensers at airports for tourists: Should marijuana availability be considered a tourist attraction?

  • Yes, tourist use it when they visit anyway.

    Implementing marijuana dispensers at airports would allow the country to levy taxes on the purchase of the drug and ultimately be a source of revenue. It would also be a way a having some level of control on the use of the drug. Tourist would use the drug anyway, so there is nothing wrong with benefiting from that.

  • Marijuana dispensaries face scrutiny everywhere in North America

    There might as well be some tourist destinations in the world where weary travelers from North America can unwind and do as they please. If there are marijuana dispensers at airports it makes sense to consider them a tourist attraction, The plant is probably grown there, and accepted as part of society, People have traveled a long way and want to experience something different. In the US and Canada, marijuana dispensers are not considered the norm, and probably never will be. It is not yet legal for most marijuana dispensers to operate wherever in public. On vacation, tourists can enjoy a part of life that they probably never will back home. It makes sense to offer marijuana dispensers at places such as airports. Otherwise, people will not let go of their inhibitions.

  • Jamaica proposes marijuana dispensers at airports for tourists, marijuana availability should be considered a tourist attraction.

    Jamaica proposes marijuana dispensers at airports for tourists, marijuana availability should be considered a tourist attraction. Since marijuana is part of the culture in Jamaica it does not seem out of place. However legalizing the sale of marijuana with the intention of earning from the tax seems quite unethical, because marijuana when misused is harmful and a dangerous drug.

  • Morality aside, such availability will attract certain tourists.

    Whether or not the availability of marijuana should be advertised as a tourist attraction, the presence of such availability will, in fact, attract certain groups of people. People who enjoy marijuana might choose to visit Jamaica over a similar vacation spot because they will be able to buy marijuana there. Thus they can have it without attempting to carry it with them to their destination, risking arrest and/or imprisonment. People who cannot get marijuana where they live might choose to visit Jamaica to have the chance to try it without fear of imprisonment. It is very likely that this availability will prove to be monetarily beneficial to Jamaica. Income will likely be realized not only from the sales of marijuana itself, but in the attendant revenues from these tourists during their stays.

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