• Don't forget history in the war

    Do you remember when Jamal said: "I weigh 469 pounds and never done anything for society other than post garbage on DDO. " And he also said "Go be wage slave while I sit on my a** and spam on this website. " I think these are negative intentions from Jamal that we should not encourage. Of course the fat guy spam from the body shamer was annoying but that doesn't mean Jamal is some innocent hero figure just because the body shamer was fighting him

  • All fake and overrated

    There are two types of people on debate. Org. The fake and the overrated. There may be a 3rd category called the intelligent but I'm still debating it right now so whatcha clowns have to say about all the drama recently. I don't want to be spammed but why are you calling the spammer fat and body shammer? Where the heck did you get that from?

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