• Screw you jamal

    Screw your mommy too. Screw BLM, Screw antifa, Screw new nazis, Screw proud boys and kkk. Screw the government. Screw Fox News. Screw cnn. Screw COVID-19 Screw rioters, Screw protesters, Screw Sielnt People. Screw Harley Quinn. She’s worse than the joker! Screw climate change, Screw climate change deniers, Screw homosexuals, Screw homophobias, Screw transphobias. Everyone is getting too big for their britches. Screw Donald Trump, Screw Obama and Joe Biden. Screw Mike Pence too. Dang, We need someone to make things straight.

  • Well actually he’s not

    He’s actually a very intelligent human being and he was very smart enough to get us to participate in this drama and he was very good at holding his own against everyone who came on him including the fat body shamer he was also smart enough to turn everyone against the body shamed

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