Jameis Winston gone wild: Will Winston's off-the-field antics affect him during the 2015 NFL Draft?

  • Yes, off-the-field antics affect Winston

    Will Winston's off-the-field antics will have a lasting impact on what prospective teams see in him. Maybe 20 years ago teams were not too concerned with what happened outside of the game. In the current climate where there is more of a spotlight on the antics of pro athletes off of the field, anything and everything is noticed.

  • Judging Jameis: How low will he go?

    Jameis Winston's past troubles will come to haunt him in the upcoming NFL draft. Remember Johnny Football? The guy who was as electrifying off the field as on? Johnny Manziel was a far superior Quarterback to Jameis Winston, but the hype surrounding him cause his draft stock to nearly slip out of the first round. Winston's antics prove that he is not mature enough to be an NFL star. The National Football League under Commisioner Goodell has become a much stricter league on off the field issues such as domestic violence, and assault. I would argue that most NFL teams will want to steer clear of the young quarterback and the drama that surrounds him.

  • Yes, Winston's off-the-field antics will affect his draft status.

    Any time we discuss Jameis Winston's draft stock value, we inevitably think of another recent case that was very similar: Johnny Manziel. While Manziel still ended up a high draft pick, it was only after considerable deliberation by the teams involved, and some did indeed choose to pass him up. After seeing the way Manziel has panned out for Cleveland this year (that is to say, terribly), other teams might be hesitant to pick up Winston.

  • No, Jameis Winston's off-the -field antics won't affect him in the 2015 NFL Draft

    Jameis Winston's track record thus far has proven to be a bit suspicious. All of the off-the-field accusations that occurred this year like the rape accusation and the stealing of crab legs from Publix supermarket, didn't affect his performance on the field whatsoever. He seemed completely unfazed by any of the events and played to the best of his ability.

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